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Heat reference ftw

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I look at some these photos and cannot wrap my mind around how anyone could be this good at using photoshop

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A highly deserving winner

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First he steals from Joe Rogan and now Ryan Davis. When will it end Dane when will it end? I wonder if he's actually capable of writing his own material

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What do Fable 2 and Silva vs Cote have in common? If you said "They both have terrible endings" you have either seen and played both or your reading my mind. Though I'm not even sure if Fable 2's ending is actually an ending.

Spoiler Alert: I'm going to talk about Fable 2's story. Thought I'd mention that, but let's be real you can't really ruin something that has already been ruined before you ruined it. Yeah......

OK so, let me get this straight. You create a story centered around you're character avenging your sisters death not to mention your being shot out of a window. Then many years later after bringing together the other three heroes, the guy who killed your sister shows up talks for a bit and aims his gun at you. Your dog being as great as he his tries to save you and the prick shoots and kills him, making you want revenge that much more. Then he shoots you, AGAIN. For some reason you go back to your childhood to get the music box from the start of the game which you will use in your final showdown with that douche Lucien. So you're thinking sweet big epic boss battle, right? No? Are you serious? Really.......? OK then..... so I drain his power with said box and he starts rambling about never being able to have a family implying it was the reason he built the spire so he could use the one wish it grants for that purpose. Here's you're choices: shoot him, but only once then he falls to his death or hear him talk and if you don't shoot him quick enough the Hero of Skill (who is jokes) does it for you. (you might be able to use magic too but I never tried that but it wouldn't be satisfying to only hit him with a single spell either) That's right you cant smash him in the face with a hammer repeatedly, awesome! So this dude kills your sister, your very lovable dog, shoots you twice and you don't even get to make him pay for his transgressions in any marginally satisfying way. Now that's what I call revenge!... I could have pulled a better ending out of my ass, and this what real writers come up with for the big climax of a highly anticipated game? That sounds like a bigger lie than any one Peter Mellenyeux told you about  a Fable game but its no lie, weak. Halo 2's cliffhanger is on par with this ending honestly great job. You don't even get a boss fight with the games main villain..... in an RPG! Thats a new concept, way too innovate!

And on a side note, every single one of my wives divorced me for no reason or warning. (except one who caught me cheating on her but that was funny so I forgive that.) In fact the final part of the story where your standing in that Stonehenge like area where Lucien shows up at very end my only remaining wife decided to show up there and tell me she was divorcing me while the whole endgame sequence was happening which was actually just plain funny and random. The game is ultimately pretty funny and the game does do a good job of making you feel the consequences of your choices. But then the menu/map problems and that "ending" just leave a bitter taste in my mouth that prevents the game from being as awesome as Peter Mellenyeux claimed it was going to be. Fable 2 is a good game but has anger inducing properties that could have been easily remedied.

I'm gonna play Dead Space now which Im assuming has an actual non-lame ending and from what I hear is pretty damn awesome.