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I won't be getting the PC version because of this...I've played countless hours of COD4 on the PC, and their server browser is far from perfect. But it still allows for similar flexibility that you can find in most every PC multiplayer game. I like to be able to: 
-Play on the same server, with the same people. 
-Join a server that either plays maps I like, or plays a rotation of maps that is a nice variety. 
-Join a server that has good ping ALL of the time. 
-Expect that there are either no hackers, or admins to keep the hackers at bay. 
-Occasionally try out some user created mods.
The list goes on. Basically it comes down to that IW is taking away a lot of what makes the PC version DIFFERENT from the console version. There is a  place for matchmaking, and I'm not saying that IWNET isn't going to be one of the better matchmaking systems to come along. I am saying that the PC community just doesn't work as well with a matchmaking system. It takes away a lot of the freedom and identity of what makes it a PC game. 
I'm still going to buy the game, and I've actually got more friends who play on console anyhow. But playing on PC makes for some great times, being able to use the far more accurate and precise control method of keyboard and mouse. I feel I'm always going to be a PC gamer at heart because that's how I feel most comfortable playing (shooters). 
And for all the people that are saying this isn't a big is.

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I felt like it never really got going. Kinda mellowed me out.

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Never tell me the odds.

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Send in the hypothetical life situation in which you would become a "NEVER" gamer, according to Nintendo. What would it take for you to NEVER play games?

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The hand holding the PSP in that last shot looks crazy!

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Has to be Alan Wake. Didn't one of the very first trailers even have that "It's always darkest before the dawn" slogan? I know it's a line from the Dark Knight....but...

This is strange though. I mean Alan Wake has been off the radar for so long, for it to return with ... this... it's very strange.

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I'm excited about this movie. The 6th book was fantastic, and the movies have only gotten better with each one.

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Hmm, not a whole lot of actual discussion happening to why you prefer one over the other...then again, I guess I shouldn't expect that from a thread like this should I?

In my book, a pretty face always wins over a smokin' body. So, Alba wins this one easily.

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Karmum said:
"I think what really contributes me not being motivated is the fact is I cannot drive, and I honestly don't want to walk 30 minutes to my HS gym just to work out, and doing it alone, is even more stupid. I'll be driving in less then two years, and it would be alot easier.

But I really do need to start getting into shape.
Well dude, you probably shouldn't wait two years...I mean, from the sound of it you're pretty young so it's not like you're going to die tomorrow from not keeping in shape. But, if you've got any friends who go to the gym, maybe? I mean, i go with my older brother when I'm at home over the summer, and I have a couple buddies I go with when I'm away at school. I try not to go by myself too much, because going with others really helps you keep up, and strive to do better.
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Kush said:
"Pushing question.

So glad it's coming back! Such a fantastic show.
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