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Hey all,

I was just wondering what, if any, games on the PS3 would be comparable to an Animal Crossing experience? I like the kind of daily check in and the ability to help the NPCs on random missions and play games with them. Is there any game that is similar to these experiences on the PS3? Any help is much appreciated.

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I think that sex appeal is fine and brick house female characters are great. When it comes to showing skin, though, less is more. If you met a girl dressed like that on the street, your first reaction wouldn't be 'hot', in all likelihood, it'd be "did she just break up with her boyfriend or something? Does she want money?" I think that the designer of this character should have used that as his litmus test for her outfit.

I understand what you're saying, but if I saw someone dressed like this in public, I'd either think she's a model from some new age fashion show or some sort of con is in town and she's a cos-player. Doesn't really seem like a post break up attire for even the most amorous real women.

Totally agree with the less is more theory about presenting a compelling female character in video games though.

Look how many Mass Effect fans are, "obsessed" whether jokingly or otherwise with Tali. She's by a fair margin the most subtly conveyed female relationship option from that series.

To be fair though having played a lot more of Amalur since I made this blog, very little about this game could really be said to be subtle in it's implementation.

That's funny that you mention Tali because after doing some random research into this character both Ash Sroka (voice actress for Tali) and Abby Craden (voice of Alyn Shir) were in the Blood+ anime. Interesting overlap don't you think?

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Megadeth, Rise Kujikawa and batshit insane character design... count me in!!!

Where is Rise in this trailer? I must have missed it.

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This is amazing! You rock!

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For me the video is really dark. Anyone else having this problem?

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@Poki3: Thanks but I just meant the language that Ico speaks and that Wander speaks not the weird language of the queen and Yorda.

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Are they the same? Or are they different?

I have done some research and found references to Alex Rowe's old blog at ( which has been defunct since March 2007. In a GameFAQs forum thread ( user Mookiethebold [4 posts from the top] made the claim that Alex Rowe made a claim that he stated that they are the same. I can't find any record of this on the internet. GIANT BOMB USERS, I turn to you! I need to know this answer! PLEASE HELP!

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@david3cm: Why are your socks so dirty?

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Some games, id rather not play, and while some people would "pay" some one to play it, i know i can find it online for free.

Who pays someone else to play video games for them?

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I will pay for shipping and everything I would only ask that you would sell it to me for under 30 dollars. I think it's ridiculous how expensive it is so I hope GB people will help me.