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man screw that, Ryan should do what he said in the i love mondays video. Bring in a sega genesis and play it till the blast processing burns a hole threw the floor baby!

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My cat just passed away about an hour ago, i dont know why im typing this out but it feels like im about to explode. His name was Black jack, we called him beej for short. He would always come and sit next to me when i would play my guitar and video games. He always loved music and would sleep while i play rock band. I'll miss him so much..

R.I.P Beej

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i'll buy a 3DS when there is a new Pokemon game for it. As for the Wii U, well the less said about that pile of trash, the better.

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Mass Effect was great, a fun RPG. Mass Effect 2 was a shitty 3rd person shooter. Not even going to bother with ME 3, its not even an RPG any more.

Also, looking how shitty swtor turned out, I will not buy bioware games unless they are crazy good.

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will never play this. If i want to play Dota i will install Warcraft 3  and play Dota