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Yes, I'm not the only one with this issue! I have the same problem, but it seems to be any of the audio only content.

I'm using Chrome, Window's 7 64 bit.

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The Magical Quest Staring Mickey Mouse. Oh the memories with that game.

Spiderman-Venom Seperation Anxiety and one I've never played but heard was good: Maximum Carnage

Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City

Also, as other have suggested, are you sure you want to go down the expensive rabbit hole to acquire some of these games (Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, etc...). I know a few games are available for download on the WiiU, but who knows how many more Nintendo will continue to put there.

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I'd have to say that nothing can quite beat the feel of using original hardware to play those old school games.

Not to hijack this thread, but can someone point out the difference between the RetroN 3 and RetroN 5? I'm thinking about picking up either an original SNES or a RetroN device to have something to play original games on and was wondering if there is enough of a difference between the two RetroNs to justify an price difference.

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Sorry to hear the news, Jeff. Condolences go out to you and your family.

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@alsnuts2: @sketchaetch: Great to see some fellow members from South Dakota!!

Brookings, South Dakota, USA

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I always have to go with the big reveal in Knights of the Old Republic. For what ever reason, when the mask is removed and you find out you were Darth Revan it just blew my mind.

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I've tried to keep my expectations pretty low since I found out Bay was attached to this one. After watching the trailer, my interest has raised some. Either way, I'm still going to go see this movie because I'm still a big TMNT fan.

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@thatpinguino: I think the reason I prefer the brute force/melee focused path is I have never had the patience with some games or myself to be much of a magic or ranged fighter. And sometimes, it's just fun to be a super powerful melee dude. Like my Juggernaut character I upgraded in X-Men Legends 2. Every two or three swings would knock down the toughest enemies (minus bosses) on the harder difficulties.

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I know for every game that allows you to build and upgrade a character, I always go for brute force and health over any magic or thievery. An example would be my Skyrim character. I got the heavy armor, shield, and one handed weapon ranked up so quickly that I had to stop myself from doing those skills and start leveling up other skills to increase my rank.

I also am notorious for item hording. I will always grab everything I can, then dumb it off at shop as soon as I can. I think that probably goes back to the early days of gaming and always being afraid of what's coming around that corner.

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Bringing this topic back since the 2nd half of the season started.

I thought the episode was pretty solid. It was a nice episode for the characters to reflect on the events of the prison battle. Yes, I did want to pull my hair out with some of the dumb stuff Carl was doing, but I think if you think about it as a teenager growing up in this world it may not be that far off.

Finally, pour one out for Hershel.