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Playing for the first time with Remastered. Gonna finish up the SP this week and fire up the MP this weekend!

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I've heard of people having this problem before. Resetting the Vita to factory settings may help (Settings > Format > Reset to Factory). Worth a shot, especially since you haven't been able to download anything yet.

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Never played either! I am signed up and I am scared.

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I'm further from my house router than I was a week ago, but it doesn't seem to have an effect on anything else. My iMac, iPad, 3DS, Vita, phone etc. all still connect without any problems. At first I could still stream from apps like Netflix, and just online performance in games like FFXIV was cut; as of today, the system can't seem to connect at all. Either the "Internet Connection" part of the network test will fail or the "PSN Sign-In" will. When I first moved, the connection was spotty but more than useable. Over the past few days, it's become unworkable.

I got one warning/error message about my router not supporting "packet fragmentation," but I've used the wifi here before, and none of the equipment or setup has changed since then. Like I said, I'm further from the router than before, but viewing the connection status on PS4 shows a signal between 85-95%...certainly enough to get the job done, I'd figure. And when the system would connect, the download test would come up with something like 10-15mbps. The data it gives leads me to believe the connection could be fast and stable, but something is holding it up.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Tough to get anything done on a PS4 without a connection!

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I've been looking for a two player game I can co-op with my girlfriend and can't seem to settle on anything we both feel good about. I was thinking Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet would probably work well, but any recommendations would be welcome! Basically, we're looking for something we can both play, and equally (not asynchronous), in a co-operative format. Preferably with controllers?


EDIT: Nothing against Borderlands 2, by the way. We've just already played a lot of that and loved it.

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@nightriff: I tried following their article earlier this morning just to make sure I didn't miss anything, but it seems to all be there. NET 4.0, Xbox accessories 1.2 et al seem to be installed and updated. I repaired my NET framework just to be sure, and no dice. I'm connecting through USB so there's no wireless issue. The control panel even says that a "Windows 360 Controller" is connected under my devices. Yet when I booted up Velocity Ultra and Brothers, neither recognized any inputs. Interestingly, Steam Big Picture accepted all button and directional inputs except for the sticks.


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Anyone else having issues with the DS4 tool emulating your DualShock4 to a 360 pad on PC? I have all the applications, updates etc that it says you should have. The program even says its detecting the controller and applying the map. But if I try to use the DS4 in any games, no response. Any tips? Seriously vexing.

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I think the "legend" of the game's difficulty has to do with the initial, assumed Dark Souls experience: at launch, before everything was meticulously catalogued and every body had an inescapable grasp of what the game is all about. Not to take anything away from people playing now, just saying that it's easy to forget that Dark Souls has been out for two years and how much it has infiltrated the industry / taught us.

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Great article and predictions, but I think I'd bet against streaming going totally mainstream this year. The PS4 has Twitch integration, but the whole process is loaded with problems. Stream quality isn't optimal (a lot of the time it's not even good), and you can't archive locally or on Twitch. Unless you already have a decent following watching your streams live, that means that a very high number of streams going out over PS4 are being broadcast to zero people. The system will be improved and updated eventually, but it needs some lengthy and fundamental changes.

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