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Does What You'd Expect, Not Much Else 0

It’s no secret that Brain Age is a huge franchise for Nintendo DS, shipping over a million units since its release. One can then assume it’s no surprise that a sequel, Brain Age 2, is now available, also on Nintendo’s handheld. What’s here is exactly the same idea as the first game, just with some new methods. You’ll still be encouraged to do some deceptively simple math and word games daily to increase your brain activity, and there’s still the same problems that stuck out in the original game....

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Ain't No Party Like A Mario Party 0

Hudson and Nintendo have been putting out Mario Party games pretty consistently for the last ten or so years; it’s pretty likely you know if you enjoy the series or not. You jaunt around a bunch of different themed board-game areas, stepping on circles that will either negatively or positively impact you, and once everyone has taken their turn, you play a minigame. It’s all luck, of course, and many would validly argue that the game is far to reliant on this luck, the end result being a game tha...

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Just Not That Useful 0

It’s hard to write a critique on Jam Sessions as a game because – well – it’s not really a game, per se. It’s more of a guitar simulator in the plainest and most functional sense. So instead of, say, being put in a ridiculous glam rock fantasy, you get one screen full of chords, a strumming line on another, and you put the two together to strum along to a small selection of radio hits or create and record your own guitar-only tracks. There’s probably a market for Jam Sessions somewhere, but it’s...

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Metal Gear Saga 0

Hideo Kojima – the man behind the Metal Gear Solid games – is someone who loves to cook up surprises. That much should be obvious if you’re a fan – with dozens of major and minor characters, each with their own plot threads and shocking developments, along with stealth gameplay that’s loaded will all sorts of weird little extras and options, this is a series that has been important in the industry for some time now. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots knows this, and from the moment you loa...

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