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Both, easily.

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lol physmed

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I have never felt an awkward vibe from Drew at all.

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But it's not the article commenters I'm talking about. It's the boards - specifically The Vestibule. We don't associate with the article commenters and we hate IGN. I mean, man, I literally cried over this guy. I didn't cry over my last two uncles' deaths.

So I just want to show that there's a part of the IGN userbase that ADORED and LOVED Ryan and we LOVE Giant Bomb, and here's our thread him:

Our love for Ryan Davis, in threadform

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I can't stop crying.

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I've searched everywhere but I can't find where he's going. I know he's going back to Chi-town, but what is Patrick going to be doing for a job? Is he still on Giant Bomb? Why can't anyone update his GB page?

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Good Lord, I mean, you people really took the first four points seriously? Like, really? I feel like in Star Trek where the Federation touches down on a less-developed planet, but they must adhere to the Prime Directive and not interfere in their technological evolution if the planet is not ready yet -- only this is regarding lists about video games and poking fun at unnecessary features that add up to a stack of nothing when it's the games that matters, but everyone on this board is wannabe enthusiast press so every single discussion about video games must be nothing less than a philosophical breakthrough.