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I fired assualt rifles, pistols both automatic and revolver, shotguns, light machine guns, rocket launcher. but not never no normal rifle. I have no really big feelings towards them. They are tools.

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Dont know if its been mentioned but Space Marine. Third person shooter that I enjoyed.

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thanks dudes, I forgot to mention that the only system I play games on is the Pc so while I am sure the Ps3 and 360 games are great, it aint for me.

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hey dudes!

Its possible another thread around here but I been looking.

I was just wondering about recomendations for co op games, me and a buddy has been playing splinter cell conviction and Left 4 dead 2 and its all been fun and games but now we wanna expand with new games. So your recommendations?

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@Swoxx said:

Great, another creep thread.

or its an invitation for the trolls to come and play, it has worked out great!

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hahah weird thing huh? but whatever, Dude looks big. So how much do you recon he can curl? and how often does he go to the gym?