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That moment in the camp. Holy shit am I glad I got the soundtrack for this game.

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I had this issue as well. What I heard prevents it, and what I did was; when starting a new game, sometimes the gender cards will momentarily be on female or male and then immediately switch over. If you see this occur first select the gender you don't want, then back out and select the gender you actually want. I didn't have any problems after that.

It's one of the weirdest bugs in a while. But also a MAJOR issue when it comes to immersion. Bioware should make fixing this bug a priority!

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Probably The Last of Us. Lived up to every expectation I had.

Now the game I have fallen deep into the hype for is The Witcher 3. I recently played through the second game, and holy god, was that game enjoyable. I feel a constant need to return to that world and Geralt's story. I need The Witcher 3 to be good god dammit! ... I need it!

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I want, perhaps more than anything video game related, for Star Citizen to succeed. With all of my heart, I want that god damn thing to be worth the money put into it...

But damn. How fucking hysterical would it be if that game was garbage in the end. $50 million god damn dollars. Holy Shit.

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I prefer 60. The Last of Us is a perfect example if you want to see the differences side by side, since there is an option for 30 fps.

If a game can't maintain a constant 60 fps, though, I would rather it just be locked at 30. It gets to be too jarring to see the frames shift constantly, even if it never gets below 30.

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I work at a job where the 15 minute break is mandatory.

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Black and White 3

Jedi Knight 3


Star Trek: Bridge Commander 2

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Sim City

Black and White 2

These are pretty much the only games that truly disappointed me. All three could have been SO MUCH MORE then they ended up being. You can almost SEE the perfection hidden underneath the surface of all of them.

Edit: I just realized that all three of these games were published by EA. How amusing. *sigh*

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Starship Troopers is widely considered to be bad right?

I fucking love that film. I watch it whenever I'm bummed out. Always makes me feel better.

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