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I work at a job where the 15 minute break is mandatory.

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Black and White 3

Jedi Knight 3


Star Trek: Bridge Commander 2

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Sim City

Black and White 2

These are pretty much the only games that truly disappointed me. All three could have been SO MUCH MORE then they ended up being. You can almost SEE the perfection hidden underneath the surface of all of them.

Edit: I just realized that all three of these games were published by EA. How amusing. *sigh*

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Starship Troopers is widely considered to be bad right?

I fucking love that film. I watch it whenever I'm bummed out. Always makes me feel better.

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I've enjoyed every Sonic game I have played.

The multiplayer first person shooter genre has been and will always be better when it takes the form of a fast paced, scifi, arena based shooter.

Sim City (2013) was alright.

Red Dead Redemption was a better game than any other open world game ever made.

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@nasp: I don't think there has ever been a video game as hyped up as Doom 3 was right before it came out. It got the type of hype that you just can't possibly live up to. People got disappointed that it was different from the old games and couldn't "live up to the legacy". Eventually it just started getting hated on by word of mouth alone.

I loved it. People who hate it can go to hell........ <_< >_> <_< See what I did there? -_-

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Well, I remember looking to see where that dude from gamespot, Mr. Jeff Gerstmann ended up, and found this site back in mid 2009. While looking around the site I stumbled onto the Persona 4 Endurance Run. Started watching that shit, and never looked back.

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Gaming Laptop. The perfect example of a contradiction. Unless you spend almost $4,000 of course. But enough money will get you anything.

Get a PC if you want games to run well.

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PS4 - Skarface220