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Could they make it look any more boring?

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I'd have to say either Lion's Share or Drain S.T.H.  Depends on what I'm in the mood for.

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  
E3 is half over already.  The big 3 have had their press conferences.  I was excited about this year's E3 but also tentative about it too.  I always love hearing about the new games that are coming out and I love being wowed by something new.  I thought last year's show was very drab and held very few surprises (or at least very few that I cared to hear about).  Because of the announcements from last year I was afraid that this year was going to be all about the marketing hype of certain technology that, to me, is pretty boring.  Unfortunately I was proven correct.
Kinect (MS):  I just don't get it.  I understand it, but I don't get it.  I have a love/hate relationship with Microsoft.  I love them because I owe my living to their server products and I respect those products.  The Xbox 360 though I just really cannot stand the way Microsoft does things on that platform.  So now they are coming out with a camera/mic attachment (that is rumored to cost $150) so I can play games and talk to my xbox.  So I'm too lazy to reach for the controller/remote to do something on the xbox?  Well you lazy ass get yourself up off that couch and play a racing game (oh wait that would be a steering game, racing would imply that I could deal with gas and break pedals)!  I have to admit Dance Central does make sense to me.  The exercise games also make sense to me.  However nothing else did.  I also wish that MS would have just given a donation to the WWF (think pandas not men in tights) instead of trying to help out endangered wildlife by making a wild animal lunch trainer.  I'm not a Halo fan so Dance Central was the only thing that I remember being impressed by out of Microsoft, well almost.  There was that Crytek game, but oh yeah it's 360 exclusive so fuck you Mr. PC guy (well until you get back to work because we want you to buy Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2, but not to play games on). 
Nintendo:  They had some neato stuff.  I guess.  Maybe if I ever purposely turned on my Wii (I turn it on by mistake every once in a while).  I guess the 3DS looked cool.  Well they told me it looked cool.  They wouldn't tell me when I could find out myself if it looks cool.  They also didn't tell me what it would cost me to see how cool it looks.  (Now I know that I'll probably get a lot of flak from every one on this one for sure, but I just personally don't care too much for Nintendo games.  I respect their franchises, but I just don't play them.  They aren't my "thing.")  The new Donkey Kong Country looks awesome.  I want to get it and play it for 3 days with my college roommate like we did with DKC 1 freshman year (I doubt I'll ever play it though since there is no way we could do that now days).  The new Kirby looks (actually looks) really cool with the new art style.  My knitting friends would love it -- if they played games. 
Sony:  Nov2GT5.  Yeah that move stuff.  Well first off I didn't get to watch most of the Sony press conference.  That was the one that I mostly did want to watch, well except for the Sony Wii (oh wait) Move part.  Did I mention that I only turn my Wii on by mistake?  Glad I missed Move.  The PSP ads are really cool.  I still can't find a reason to want a PSP.  Shocker -- infamous 2 looks pretty cool!  Actual shocker: Gabe was on the Sony stage announcing Portal 2 (with I assume to be free content updates that Microsoft would not allow them to do for the 360 games) with Steamworks for the PS3.
PC: I dunno.  I haven't seen anything for the PC yet.  I'm going to go cry.

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I hate to say it but the dance stuff is the most convincing stuff I saw for the Kinect.  The racing stuff looked totally lame (and I love racing games).  Press the "wheel" in to go faster?  Lots of meh to nah from me.

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Have a code from inFamous (thanks to Brad's review), but I think that an Uncharted/GI Joe mashup video would be an awesome contest!

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Brad -- you should ask for a G7 over a G5.  I used to hate cordless mice before my mom got me my G7 last Christmas (that replaced my G5).  The swappable rechargeable batteries (2 included in my box) makes it really nice to be able to cut the cord.

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Does anyone know if the multiplayer is just going to be picking a map then fighting?  I watched the video talking about the turn-based portion and I thought that would be awesome if I could play that with friends.  I understand that it would take quite a while to finish a game, but that is ok by me.

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I think this is going to be a really subjective 1st game to use it type thing.  When I was a kid my dad and I would play Galactic Conquest.  It was turn based.  The maps were made up of a grid of 16x16 ASCII chars.  Unknown planets showed up on the "map", but their associated values were unknown.  When a player would take over a planet all players would see those values.  However, when a player would send ships to another planet to take it over the number of ships and where they were going would be hidden from everyone.  Would that be considered fog of war?