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@hunter5024: I can get you the Riolu, Braixen, and Ivysaur. Can I have the HA Pinsir and Heracross? Both female.

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I have an extra pinsirite, willing to trade for any Y exclusive mega stone. I also have pokerus if anyone wants, for free.

Also will trade X exclusives for Y exclusives.

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FC: 4081-6835-9641 Name is Doan

Ice Type - Spheal, Bergmite, Dewgong

Tell me if you add me, thanks

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Honestly there isn't anything I can say that hasn't already been said. RIP Ryan, you will be missed duder.

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@TheDudeOfGaming said:

Yeah, I doubt anyone would to this willingly, and enjoy it? I call bullshit.

Some people are disgusting.

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@NickL said:

@cwJoe said:

If you don't use AdBlock in this day and age, you're doing it wrong.

Yup, supporting the sites I enjoy visiting, I'm definitely doing it wrong.

White list the sites you like?

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Thirding the list idea.

Also for resources I'd recommend adding: up Kanji by radical is so convenient) and KeyHoleTV (if you want to watch some Japanese TV)

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I'm always afraid of missing some unique or important items if I don't loot absolutely everything in sight.

Of course I usually just end up with a bunch of worthless iron daggers or something.

Also the only time I dropped weapons in town a guard came up to me in like 10 seconds to complain.

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Tbh I'm not really a huge fan of shooters that aren't TF2, so Skyrim for sure.

Also Dark Souls.

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Personally, I say caught is pronounced cot with a slightly longer vowel sound. I voted same, but would anyone consider that a big enough difference?

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