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I'd like to join! Will be playing the shit out of this game.

GT: Scinbed

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Added my details to the spreadsheet -- see everyone in-game :)

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Same thing happened to me this morning. Logged on to check my SSX scores and updates, and all my gamerscore had gone. Got the points back for SSX (345 or so). I guess it checked the offline save games or something.


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This was the one stopping me from getting all Gold in the Rockies. Finally managed it today with a score just over the required, and now I'll never touch that track again. (:

I used level 10 Mac with legendary board and mods...

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Index finger hurts from pushing RT too hard and too much.

Right thumb is getting to the same stage from pressing the face buttons more than is physically recommended.

Worst though, is the inside of my middle finger where the back of the controller digs in. Like, it aches, and is actually red.

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I saw one that gives you extra rewinds.

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A nice logo or custom design would have been nice to show off on the leader-boards for sure.

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I think you need to login to see Global Events, as it needs connection to Ridernet, which is to say -- EA's servers. Any other leader-board or recommendation stuff too, I'd imagine.

Not sure how you'd go about setting it up from scratch as I knew and did mine from the start.

Maybe hit the [back] or [select] button on the main menu to try accessing Ridernet?

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The way I see it, rewind should rewind you and every other racer. Just like any other racing game... Why it doesn't do this just confuses me to no end, and yes it's about "-6557 x20" useless in trick it mode too.

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Sign me up, I need some more rivals. Only two people on my friends list have the game thus far. :(

Gamertag: Scinbed