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The only "emos" I have a problem with are the ones who aren't really emos at all and just feel this need to fit under some stereotype to define themselves. Many of them will—and a couple people have admitted this directly to me—act depressed to get attention from those around them. That's not something that annoys me specifically about the people who strive to be emos, considering anyone who pretends to be depressed for attention annoys the ever-loving crap out of me.

That said, I have a couple friends of the garden-variety emo type who just wear the clothing and excessive eyeliner. They're actually pretty down-to-Earth people, and I get along with them about as well as I do with anyone.

Now, am I an emo? I doubt it. Makeup is something I have no plans to ever use, and I like clothing that fits me somewhat loosely, but not to the point that it's falling off. I don't listen to emo music, and I'm usually fairly pleasant, if very awkward with new people; that's something I've been growing out of, though. Not sure if I fit under a stereotype anyway. I'm just this guy, you know.

Hoo boy, long-winded post. Shutting up now. *Thumbs up.*

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The Apprentice is similar to Spawn, but he's not a clone. They have a few different moves, most of their animations are different, their stances are vaguely similar... I'm not seeing where the whole "he IS Spawn" argument is coming from, but that's just me.