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This 'new' case was revealed at the same time as the original. It's just the limited edition artwork. Why is everyone ignoring that simple fact?

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I'm disappointed that they didn't think to ask if he plays Male or FemShep.

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I'd like stuff with a different character, like Ben Saxon in South America and London. Make it so he starts off partially augmented, and give Praxis kits at a faster rate, with a 5-6 hour adventure. Basically DXHR's Minerva's Den.

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New Bombcast music I think.

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It's just a shame that Children Of The Elder God is missing.

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Alan Wake has been in production for five years by now.

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@fang273 said:
" I like the bad ending more than the good one. From what I've heard, the book also ends with the bad ending. Either way, great ending to a great game, definitely in my top 3 so far this year. "
The book ends with a mix of the two.
Artyom realises that the Dark Ones are trying to communicate, but it's too late as the missile already launched 
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The whole High Expectations/Low Results album by Faunts. I've had it on in my car constantly for the last few days. Amazing album.

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@Burns098356GX said:
" Well the trailer for Fallout 3 had a Brotherhood of Steel member in it, and when I first saw it I thought he was a bad guy. I mean, that armour 'looks' evil. Maybe its the same in NV... "
I thought that trailer had an Enclave member in. It'd be quite cool to work for the NCR, but I can't help but feel there's more to this than they're letting on.