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This is awesome. Thanks. *thumbs up*

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That was a great interview, and the audience had great questions. Jeff is such a pro.

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This a great pack. I really wanna drive that sCion.

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I don't really care about the story in these games but I really enjoy playing them with my brother so I welcome another one.

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@EndlessLotus said:

Wait, to hell with the article... why is Death fighting War??!?

You just blew my mind! I can't believe I didn't notice that. It looks like some shadow version of War though.

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It's gotta suck when some interviewer takes your words and spins them to create a controversial news article. I think Rubin handled it well enough. His explanation makes sense too because wasn't some of Vigil working on that Warhammer 40k MMO for a while. With new management I hope they're better used on a new creation of their own.

What it all comes down to is sales anyways though. If Darksiders II is well received then they'll make more. I hope it does do well because I loooove Darksiders. It's just so video gamey. Fun as hell. If they are able to pull off the 4 games, 4 horseman thing it would be one of the best things in video game history.

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I've played some Same & Max but The Walking Dead is the first Telltale game I'm really into and I'll be definitely getting each episode as soon as they're released. I'm not even a huge zombie guy but they definitely got me with this game. The characters and story are great and it's a refreshing change from most video games I play.

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Yeah, it was great. The videos they've put out since about multiplayer looked great as well. Can't wait to get my hands on it. I think 343 has succeeded in exciting the Halo fanbase and also made some other gamers think about getting back into the series. E3 was definitely a success for Halo 4.

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I think we all need to remember though that no matter how good the books are, it's not the fan writers IP, it's still Bungie's/343's.

The writers 343 brings in aren't "fan writers". They're professional fiction writers who are contracted to flesh out the universe. 343's development of the universe used to conflict with Bungie's but since it's all 343 now everything that is released from novels to comics is part of the cannon. 343 has said that they want everything to matter and nothing they put out will just be brushed off like it didn't happen within the fiction. They're definitely putting an effort into making all the pieces fit together.

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@big_jon said:

The books already touch on this, and the Elites are simply a sect that are anti humanity, and still worship forerunner relics, there is a huge civil war within the Sangheili society right now.

I really hope it's not that though. That would be boring compared to overwhelming tech. Borg infection, full steam ahead. Sorry it took so long to reply. 5 poasts per day is BS.

What they've done is much more believable within the established universe. This "borg infection" idea seems done before and a little too easy. What they're probably going to do with the Forerunner threat is more unique to Halo's universe and not just mimicing the "borg" from Star Trek. At one point thousands of years earlier in the Halo universe the Forerunners ran everything. They were actually able to impede species'(ie. humans) evolution because they were becoming a threat to them.

That concept is more just more Halo and it's interesting so it would be cool if they play with that in some way. Maybe, The Didact or Master Builder has been awakened from his Cryptum by Master Chief's accidental arrival on this shield world and is now looking to bring the Forerunner society back to it's full potential which is basically Godlike from a human perspective and put the other inferior races back in their place.

That guy's theory that @big_jon posted seems very close to what it will most likely be and that excites me. That's the direction I want them to go because they've been building this universe well and going in that direction seems right. I think the more reasonable fight for power between ideals is just better. I like that whole species can be divided by what they think is right, Different species that are at different stages of evolution and techological progression band together to fight for an idea. That's more interesting to me than fighting a massive faceless evil that destroys the independent mind. That's not horrible but it's very similar to what was done with The Flood which I don't want to see again.

Halo 4's story will defintely pop for fans who have been reading the books. I think it will be amazing to see things from the novels come to life on the screen as the game carries the universe forward right from where they left off. 343i is just doing a great job of making all the things they put out come together cohesively. They've certainly got a lot better at it over the years. I really believe this era of Halo will trump the first when it comes to narrative.

So, if you're that into it I'd recommend reading some of the novels. They're actually pretty entertaining, as well.