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#1 Edited by Scooopex (43 posts) -

This is what I got at the moment.

Seems like that link is not showing the game:

- Left4Dead GOTY

Willing to trade for other games or coal.

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Nice work! And great that you finally got the game:D

Now I just got to finish Skyrim so I can focus more on BF3 again.

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Very cool!

I enjoyed playing with you for the few moments I had time and not talking on TS with my other mates. Hopefully I get to play tons more of BF3 the coming years:D

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I will try to play as much as I can;)

Not sure if the username on the EA account can be changed, so not sure what my ingame name will be

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This sounds very kind of you. And I would love to play these old games.

my mail is

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I will make an effort to join these runs:) I have played a lot of BC2 recently, and playing with you sounds fun

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With battlefield 3 looking so good, and this just looking like MW2 I can say that this will be the first COD game I will not play. At least not at launch, probably:P

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@Sweep:  What camera mode are you using in The Witcher? I have played it with the  Over the Shoulder camera ( Press "F3") and it feels much better than the standard camera. It plays more like a 3rd person action game that way.

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Thats cool! I really should try to join you guys more often. Are you playing Vietnam or normal mostly?

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