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Get Triple SLI Titans, asshole!

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Nintendo have no clue what they're doing. They hit big with the Wii but it was all short-term buck. Their business now is similar to the manufactured celebrities of today where they get famous, milk it as much as possible for a year or 2 if they're lucky then never get work again.

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Evil Dead 2 has some incredible cinematography.

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You know how impossible it is to balance all those characters with each other, how many man hours it would take to model each character and create animations, frame data, supers, ultras, costumes ect? Not to mention the development time and costs.

If you want all characters play Mugen or something

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I will be upgrading my PC when this comes out. I thought Witcher ED was one of the best RPGs "last gen" (I know it didn't come out on consoles but you know what I mean) and I though Witcher 2 was one of the best games this gen. Super excited for what they're going to do.

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If Tiny Tina was black it wouldn't be racist? errrrrrrrrrrrr...........

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Smile From The Streets You Hold

Hey, you can't just come in here dropping John Frusciante references and not expect me to come around!


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Every 2 hours he turns into a werewolf for a couple minutes

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Smile From The Streets You Hold

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SSFIVAE:2012ED all day every day baby. That shit's my jaaaaaaaaaaam