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@jaycee13: Yep. My sleep pattern is all fucked up right now. It's terrible.
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@Stang: I didn't call you out to say you did it regularly. I said you mash sometimes when you're frustrated. I don't think I blew it out of proportion in any ways. It's not like you mash during regular games, I know you don't. Very commendable.
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@jaycee13: jaycee-free
Also, I'm about to hop on the old Xbox in a sec if anyone wants to play I can dig it. GT - AquaticPear
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@lordofultima: ino rite
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@Stang: You say you don't like mashing and don't get any sense of achievement from a win when you do so but a few times in your videos when you're down and being beaten quite badly (it happens to everyone, sometimes your opponenent will make many uncanny lucky guesses in the course of a match) you go "fuck it I'm mashing". Do you rather get the win unsportingly then conceede and let the win go to your opponenent, which he would of got had you not mashed at the end due to frustration?
@OwnlyUzinWonHan said:
" I don't mash, but when I notice someone miss a link, I make a note of it and next time they go for it? Got an EX messiah kick waiting for them. "

This is exactaly what I do. I actualy find it hugely satisfying finding a weak spot in someone's link and then doing a single reversal motion and getting the reversal. I think that stuff is super earned and respectable and I never get angry if someone does it. The problem is you can't tell if someone's picked the 3 frames where he thinks your link is most likely to be weakest and slips in an SRK or what have you or if some berk is just mashing a million SRKs the second he sees someone combo 2 jabs against him.
To be honest, as long as the connection is very good (a good 4 or 5 bar) I don't so much have a problem with mashers because then I go "Ok, my fault, I need to work on that link or use something less damaging but easier to do". It's when it's the connection that lets me down and someone mashes through, that's what annoys me, but I guess that's the rules you agree to when you join a laggy match. It sucks but it's not gunna stop happening unless Capcom do the right thing and massively tighted reversal windows and make them more like SSFIITHDR where you had to time it right or you'd eat it harder then if you had just kept blocking.
It also doesn't help that if your opponent has 2 bars he can do a mashed reversal with no risk whatsoever. If he hits, he FADC to ultra for massive damage and if it's blocked he FADCs for throw or whatever. It's too much reward for too little effort/skill/risk.
Anyways, whatever.
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@cap123 said:
" i don't want to turn this into my personal street fighter 101 thread but are sagat players scrubs :o "
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If you can actualy play with a stick but don't have one you could ask but if you've never used a stick before and go "hey pass that here" you won't be no good at all with it most likely. Alot of these tornyments allow people to use fightpads or controllers so if you want to you could probably still use it.

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@Darkstar614: Yeah I played Synergy for a bit some time ago but it ended up just people speedrunning the maps so you couldn't ever explore and mess about.
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I used to play source mods all the time a few years ago. Are there any mods around that haven't all dwindled out and still have a strong playerbase? I'm kinda bored waiting for SSFIV to come out and need something free and fun to tide me over, thanks :)

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I dunno but she doesn't get me excited when there's other characters I'd much rather play first. I don't know why. She'll probably be a good character.