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I remember playing the Crysis 2 demo a lot and I thought it was really good. Still didn't get me to buy it, though. But I haven't bought an FPS in ages.

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@Bourbon_Warrior said:

I don't care about the staff's political beliefs, unless it involves launching prisoners into the sun.

I think it's worth asking... are you pro or anti launching prisoners into the sun?

Personally I'm not a fan of the massive waste of rocket fuel so I propose a giant slingshot?

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Why are people saying Donkey Kong Country 2? The original is way better!

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I have to be in a biscuit dunking mood and if i have i take a whole packet with me until im satisfied and wash it down with the remaining tea when im done, ive tried it with coffee too and that's fine too, i'm ussaly eating Rich Tea biscuits or sometimes Digestives if i have them around.

I do the same but it's risky because after the 5th or so biscuit you start to get a bit cocky and leave the biscuit in too long so it falls to pieces and ruins the rest of your tea :/

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Awful article from an awful writer.

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@TMThomsen said:

@Scooper: Yeah, we're basically all Africans. I was simply stumbled by the claim that the entire human species (Homo Erectus) could be tracked back to 1 single woman.

Also, I wouldn't say there is "evidence" of our species ever dwindling down to a couple hundred people. Hypotheses perhaps, but not evidence.

I'd say that genetic evidence isn't bad evidence. But yeah, it's no absolute and has much room to move about, but that's the joy :)

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@TMThomsen said:

@lexyz123 said:

Hmm there is a very respected theory, one that says the origin of our species comes from 1 singular female specimen, and that her DNA can be traced so far as the origins of mankind, and we all have a trace of this gal´s DNA in our own code, interesting stuff to be sure, still maybe a possibility...

What are you even talking about?

There is some evidence that our entire population once dwindled in size to maybe a couple hundred people on the east coast of Africa due to a horrible climatic change, probably from a volcanic eruption somewhere in Indonesia. We know that everyone who isn't African (or those who's recent ancestry are) all probably descended from a small handfull of Africans that managed to escape Africa some 70 thousand or so years ago. So it's not impossible that a few women gave birth to the humans that went on to populate all of the rest of the world. (ps. those facts and numbers are vague bit of my memory so they're probably not entirely accurate so I suggest spending a little time researching it because it's very interesting).

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I can but as a guitar player it's fairly useless. Tab and chord boxes are way easier for me to play.

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I fucking hate the word creepypasta and especially hate it when people say it out loud