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@luchen said:

Listening to giantbomb rewind brought me back here. I don't do much and i don't let that many people into my life and this is going to sound weird as fuck but even though i don't know anyone in giantbomb personally every now and then i feel a hole in my life. I've been following these guys all the way from the hotspot when bob colaico was still in it. The impact they've had in my life is so big i can't even describe it. I miss you Ryan, so fucking much.

The line that still gets me the most was on a /v/ thread when the news broke that read "I was a fan, you were a friend" and it broke me and it still does.

Well said, good sir.

I feel the same way and could not have said this better.

I still do not feel like it is real.

I am going to be honest and admit that... for some reason a thought came across my mind that Ryan was going to surprise everyone at the PAX Panel and admit it was all either a joke or something. Kind of a sick thought, but I was THAT desperate to have him up on stage back with the rest of the crew...

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I may blog here.. soon.. HOW ABOUT THIS SUMMER!?

Why yes, I actually am going to put my communication and broadcasting education to the test this summer as I dig into the world of gaming news, previews, and reviews. I hope to keep this up to date with wonderful content I will post on You Tube and have on my weekly radio show. THIS WILL BE FUN!!! I am just not sure if I should blog about it here or use blogger..hmm... decisions!

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@CosmicQueso: What EA is going with Origin and more specifically in regards with its implementation coinciding BF3 is wrong and damaging to the customers who would like to enjoy a game like BF3 at its most potential.

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O ok, Thanks!!

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Has the Happy Hour from July 22nd gone up yet? I cannot seem to find it. Did something naughty happen that has prevented this!! ;-)

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The Green Xbox that came w/Halo! It was my baby!

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Is there a list of community game nights which are ran by the Giant Bomb community?

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My Skype: famine_exe

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