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@milkman: There is no blog section to this site. There is a blog section of the guardian. Big difference. Jenn's article was in the news section, not the blog section. It is not clearly marked as an opinion piece and if it was people would have less of an issue with it. Claiming people don't know anything without providing a strong reasoning for your own issues is a clear way to show you don't care about anyone else's opinion.

Anyway, been attacked enough here. Glad to see dissenting thoughts are so welcome here. People need to be more introspective when they claim to be against attacks

So this is what the argument has been reduced to? "It was posted in the news section, and not clearly marked enough". This is the basis for a "-gate" scandal these days?

And for that, she was subjected to the same avalanche of juvenile misogynists who have been abusing Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian.

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Sent a request to join NA East. PSN is Scottoest.

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Watch Dogs wasn't a terrible game - it just didn't meet the insane hype they had set up for it, and the story/characters weren't great. The visuals look quite impressive at times (especially if cranked all the way up on PC), the introduction of *some* stealth into combat was fun, and I enjoyed using the various tools at my disposal during police chases.

It was just a lateral evolution of the Grand Theft Auto formula, and not the revolution they had portrayed it as. I think this is a game, much like Assassin's Creed, that will benefit from a sequel - meaning, a chance to learn from their mistakes, and put more time and effort into the narrative, instead of tuning the game engine.

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I like the new Kinect, but more for the more subtle usability stuff it adds to the XBONE - having friends be able to sit down on the couch, and immediately get logged in automatically, for example. Being able to use my television, or mute the volume, without fishing for the remote. Being able to to shut down my entire entertainment system by saying "Xbox Turn Off - Yes" as I walk away.

$150 seems like a crazy price to charge for a standalone, however. If they are trying to salvage the device as a concept, they should have put it out as a loss leader - $100 at the most.

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I was extremely disappointed by DA2, but this game looks great. Might be the first one I play with a controller, too.

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Sounds like someone is upset because they don't have that service as well. Sour grapes anyone?

That makes no sense, if they passed on it.

I suspect this decision is one part "EA Access" being a potential future competitor to PS Now, and to some far lesser percentage, them having real concerns about it being a rip-off. I suspect, like Patrick says, they also know EA won't make a big enough deal about this, to back out of putting their games on PS Now - so they snuff out a potential competitor, and there's no real downside for them.

Personally, while I think EA Access sounds like a waste of money, I really hate when companies don't let me make these choices myself. If Sony were really that concerned with maximizing value for their consumers, multiplayer gaming would still be out from behind the PS Plus paywall (and I think PS Plus is otherwise a pretty good deal).

Give consumers choices. Let them spend money or save money as they see fit, not as you do.

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Voucher Code for PS4: 9MNE-GLNE-CQH6 or 7DEF-GFNR-36PL

Voucher Code for PS3: BG32-2HNN-7TRP

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The story itself makes Aiden out to be kind of a dick, but I struggle with the whole "you kill hundreds of dudes over the course of the game!" ludonarrative dissonance stuff. If you're gonna hold that part against this particular game, then you're gonna have to look at an incredibly long list of games with new eyes.

At least the game "punishes" you for directly killing civilians, I guess.

Personally, I just found Aiden unsympathetic. You robbed the wrong person, and that person retaliated. YOU are at least half responsible for that little girl being dead, you idiot. Yet the story never even seems to grapple with the idea that Aiden himself is responsible for what happened. I kept waiting for it, but it never happened. I let Maurice go, because he was arguably just as responsible for her death as "I" was.

But mowing down the odd civilian, causing traffic accidents, and so on? Meh. I just mark that down to the dissonance inherent in playing a "good guy" in any open world game. I "narratively" separate what happens in scripted cutscenes or missions, versus the chaos that occurs in pure open-world gameplay.

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I don't really care, so long as the content is available to anyone who pre-orders, regardless of what store or outlet they do it from.

If you want to make sure the game is good first, but still get the content, then put down $5 to pre-order at Gamestop, check some reviews when the game comes out, and then cancel or complete the pre-order after the fact. Gamestop gets to hold your $5 ransom for a couple of days, but you get to potentially have your cake and eat it too.

I don't have any issue with pre-order DLC, as long as it doesn't impact the main game "in the box", so to speak. Do these two missions fill in important story details for the main plot of the game? If not, then fine.

Publishers are allowed to throw in extra stuff to try and get people to pre-order their games. There's nothing inherently gross about that, again, as long as they aren't clipping important content out of the actual, $60 experience you're paying for.

If you want to play it straight as the "smart consumer", then accept you won't get these extras, or play it even smarter and wait until a year from release, when they inevitably sell an "Ultimate" edition with any and all DLC anyway.