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Worked at a hardware store called Canadian Tire, in guess where Canada!

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I bought this game when it came out and I should of waited for the review. I'm already through some of the story on coop but I was wondering if any bomber would like to get through this with me lol. I would like to be playing Alien Isolation but at the moment I don't have the funds and thats why im making this shitty request haha.

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looking for some Giant Bombers to play with, my origin name is just ScottPhilpott no space.

add me up if you want to play :)

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anddddd its working now, thanks guys im going to close this one down :)

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This is really odd. I can access every other website except for google ones, gmail, youtube etc.

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Is google or gmail not working for anyone else or is it just me?

sorry for the dumb post but im just curious at the moment.

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I guess I must be in the minority then lol, I just felt no attachment to any of the characters and thats why it didn't really connect with me.

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Is it just me or did anyone else find this movie incredibly boring. I just want to get a general consensus.

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I only got an add from one member so if it doesn't go through keep trying :)