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Wow, I had no idea about replaying the otherworld sections to get optional weapons.

Great blog series. :)

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I will admit that most of my ire for Phil Fish is because there is this vicious cycle of people perpetuating all the stupid bullshit he says. If people didn't talk about him so much, I probably wouldn't care.

That doesn't excuse that he's a massive asshole though, and it's really fucking depressing that people hang onto every word and temper tantrum he shits out of his mouth rather than listen to lots of other people who are far more interesting and worth listening to. I wish he could just have his corner of the internet, but you can't follow gaming news without having his every move tossed in your face... I wonder if there's a Chrome app that'd block any links/pages/articles/etc of him.

I don't really care for how this video lumps everybody who hates him as people who put a great amount of effort into hating him, when I would wager that most of those people really don't want to care, but get sick of constantly hearing about him. tbh the only reason I played it was because I was promised a different viewpoint, but instead I get the same thing that defends him and blames everybody else while denying that is exactly what they are doing. It does hit the nail on the head though in that he might hate the attention but also loves it and loves whipping people into a frenzy with every word he says. Sorry if he doesn't want the fame, but lots of people get lots of things in life they don't want and just have to fucking deal with it. The person whom his close friends and family know might not be an asshole, but he chose to publicly represent himself as one so fuck him.

Also I think it's really shitty of the media to perpetuate every bad thing he says, but then blame the public for this exact situation. That's just shameless attention grabbing, and I expected better from certain sites to partake in it.

Also also... why is that Pokey's tighty whities pulled up so high? :\

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Wow, this is big news. I'm both terrified and excited for what's to come, and what new blood you were able to bring on board.

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A friend was all excited that Saints Row 3 is coming to GWG, and was going to get a temp gold pass to download it. Guess they can't do that now.

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NFC and Pokemon remakes?

No thanks. I know plenty of people will eat that shit up, but I'll pass.

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Still wondering where the middle road is between this, and what King was doing with their products.

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The entire thing speaks to the very heart of what is wrong with our consumer-dependent, capitalist-focused society.

When I think about the games I own and have bought, half of them I only bought because they were cheap and probably will never play, or only play briefly. More than ever there are SO MANY games, and SO MANY GOOD games. Heck, there's more "must-play" games out there these days than most people could ever really get though. If you don't do sales the only way to stand out is either already have a reputation or just get really lucky.

I admit I take advantage of sales, but I agree the culture of "it'll be on sale later" is getting out of hand.

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I wish I could care enough to buy a Wii U. Well hopefully they'll finally pull their heads out of the sand and stop acting like it's still the 90s.

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I like it! Letting us know more up front that this is a slice of an unfinished game, and potentially subject to massive change, is a good idea. :)

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The whole time I played through Gone Home (given what I heard I made sure to go in as blind as possible) I really expected some sort of killer or supernatural thing to jump out at me. The fact that I thought that, but it didn't happen is a real testament how well crafted the game was. It took me to a different time when I was young and those thoughts would pop up in my head if I was in that situation.

I'm starting to cave on Brothers. Not that I thought it'd be bad, just that I decided it was one of those games that I just didn't have time to try. That quick look didn't help either. It's pretty cheap on 360 today... Hmm...