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I was told to post here if I'm having that issue, so here I am. Same as everybody else from the sounds of it. Isn't happening in full screen but is otherwise. Windows 10 and Chrome.

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I started it. It's alright! I loved 3D so much, but that was my first Picross so I wasn't sure about the traditional ones. So it was nice to be able to try this for free and realize I should dig into the e series.

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Oooooohhhh, snap! Hell yes I hope this gets released in NA!

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I preordered Rock Band 4 (with the Xbox One legacy adapter) - which I subsequently cancelled after the lukewarm response - which is probably the only game I've preordered in years. I only bother if it's a limited run or something I'm not confident I can get after launch. Normally I know I can just walk in and get it at most stores even on launch day.

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Fallout 3 was the first one I really got into. I tried one of the first two, and tried again to get into them after 3, but I found them impenetrable.

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Arkedo Series PIXEL and CarneyVale Showtime are both really charming and iirc pretty fun to play. :)

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It's a real shame that things went down this way, but I'm happy to hear O'Donnell got what he was owed.

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Tale of Tales is known for making "art for art's sake" games. Jim Sterling did some fantastic pieces on games like theirs a few years ago, and it seems like they still have that attitude.

tbh... even after the closure it just sounds like they're upset because they were no longer getting a free ride making games very few people want, so instead they're going to just move to other mediums and live off other art grants. They are the equivalent of some eyesore public art instillation you look at and get upset at how tax dollars funded it.

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@amyggen: Eh, even $20 is asking a lot for these imo.

Although again I really do hope I'm wrong and this turns out to be something special.

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Not terribly impressed. Doesn't immediately look like it adds more than the GC/PS2/Xbox collections did, and those had almost twice as many games. Plus tbh, I fully expect Capcom to ask full price ($60/$40) for it.

I really do hope I'm wrong though and it's something special. What would be absolutely amazing is to have the main series games (originals, X, Game Boy) in a massive collection. Maybe even add others like the Zero games. I'd absolutely pay full price for that. I know that might sound spoiled, but there have been quite a few collections in recent years with 30+ games for a budget price.