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I was at work. I think I checked twitter during my break and saw something from Rorie. My first reaction was haha very funny but a little of out taste? And then I just couldn't help but go check the site. That's when it hit me. Seeing that post on the front page with hundreds of comments made it all too real. For the rest of that work day, I was completely out of it. I couldn't think straight and still couldn't wrap my mind around it.

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Thanks for sharing, Patrick.

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Well there's this tweet from one of our mods ZombiePie:

GiantBombSquad (@GiantBombSquad)

2014-06-30, 4:00 PM

That right everyone! @unastrike and @DanRyckert are the new members of the Giant Bomb team!

Which he deleted moments later but only after posting this:

Well...I'm getting canned.

— GiantBombSquad (@GiantBombSquad) June 30, 2014

So make what you will of that.

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Soooo...official announcement or rather appearance of new guys tomorrow on the bombcast then?

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Awesome job duder! Also, I totally forgot that song existed. That was such a long time ago. Good ol' days.

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Downloading right now. Gonna listen on my commute tomorrow.

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Well this just happened to me. I was logged into skateandordie's account on my phone. Seems like a pretty major security bug to me.

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So Danny is the new hire right? Right? I mean come on already.

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Gonna miss you on the Bombcast Vinny. That said, when are you guys planning to announce who the new hire is?

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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada