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@sinusoidal: If I was running a game where someone had that feat I would have a thirty second timer, maybe shorter, and if they couldn't do all that math in time the spell would fail automatically.

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@crimsonavenger: Knowing how to use a computer, maybe not, since most kids had to use computers at some point during school, but choosing to spend your free time that way instead of playing outside or something was a pretty geeky thing to do back then.

Or if you're talking about teens in the 90's, I guess most would have social lives rather than screw around with computers.

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I think one of the first things I typed was, which basically took me to exactly what I was looking for, which is guides on how to get some of the trickier stars in Super Mario 64.

Bolstered by this great success, the next thing I tried was That turned out to be a porn site, and I quickly closed out the window for fear of being caught. I was also too young to have any prurient interest in pornography myself at the time. I was probably 8 or 9.

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It's cute that Notch thinks he can somehow put the genie back in its bottle, go back to being a struggling game dev who does game jams, and have everyone pretend things are the way before Minecraft. EVERYTHING he touches will have his reputation on it. Everyone will want to play the next thing from Notch, the Minecraft guy. He can't go back to being a struggling artist along with other REAL struggling artists with 2.5 billion dollars in his back pocket. Whether he chooses to live in it or not, the ivory tower is visible to everyone around him.

I don't think he believes that he can disappear into obscurity, but I think he can go back to doing the day to day activity that he enjoys. He specifically says "I don’t expect to get away from negative comments by doing this, but at least now I won’t feel a responsibility to read them." He clearly knows that he'll be attached to Minecraft for the rest of his life.

He can participate in a game jam without going to a place where people are going to accost him. He can program from the comfort of his home. Hell, he doesn't even have to submit the stuff he makes for people to fawn over or ridicule or whatever.

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I've played tons of games, but rarely to completion. I think the only series where I've finished all the main games are Halo and Portal.

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I'm enjoying it a lot, but I totally understand why a lot of people would see this as a 3. For me personally, it's a 4 so far.

I really only need like 2 or 3 aspects of a game to be good to enjoy it, though, whether that's story, music, visuals, mechanics, etc. For Destiny, the visuals and the core mechanics are the parts that I'm really enjoying. Some of the concepts of the story are cool, but mostly just because they justify some gorgeous matte paintings.

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Former Giant Bomb intern Internet Steve works for the developer of Vainglory, so that's pretty cool.

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1. I have a pair of PSB M4U1s that I really, really like, substantially more than my Grado SR325i headphones which are a bit more expensive. I suppose that would be my recommendation. I got that suggestion from the Wirecutter. They seem to know what they are on about.

2. A headphone amplifier would help some, but they aren't strictly necessary. If you've never listened to headphones with a headphone amp, you probably wouldn't know what you were missing. You can always hold off on that and get one later. Whether plugging something into a TV would help probably depends on the sound hardware of the TV. My guess is that the TV isn't really made with high-quality audio in mind. You might just introduce more interference into the signal that way. You could always try it and see how it sounds though.

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I recommend not having narcolepsy.

I get around 6-7 hours of sleep a night, 8-12 on the weekends, but I am almost always somewhere between kind of tired and dozing off. Narcolepsy basically means you never go into deep sleep, which makes the sleep you do get much less restful. Oddly enough, narcolepsy also often causes insomnia.