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Aw, dang, there go the ol' water works. I'll miss you on the site, but I'll be interested to see where you've ended up.

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I called my step-parents by their first names, but I'd never call my parents by their first names. I feel like that would detract from the whole parent-child bond sort of thing. It would be like I was talking to a roommate, which is a very different relationship.

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Bayonetta 2 while I'm home. I think I'll pick up Persona Q for while I'm traveling.

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In any game that lets you respec (refund your skill points and reallocate them), I tend to just choose whatever skills or talents sound vaguely interesting, and then after a few hours respec more specifically into whatever parts of that initial grab bag were working best or were the most fun.

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I still find it odd to think of any of the Great Plains states as being part of the Midwest, but then I grew up in Oklahoma which is neither midwestern nor truly southern.

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I think the key factor here is that you're talking about the impressive aspects of the campaign, but the staff were mostly interested in the multiplayer back then, at least as far as I can tell, hence the love for games like Quake.

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@brodehouse: I guess I see this as Twitch trying to encourage people not to flirt with that line, but I see what you mean. People will push against whatever limits you set for them.

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Aw yeah! Time to bust out the HOTAS!

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I notice that a lot of people who absolutely hate when people are forced to dress this way or that way in real life have no problem with businesses enforcing their own dress standards if it results in preventing people using sex appeal to earn money.

Edit: In this thread I discovered the phrase 'pervert appeasers', which is one of the coolest sex-negative phrases I've read. 'Pervert appeasers' is a stone's throw from 'whorish gender traitors'.

I suspect it's more of a brand and legal issue than a matter of prudishness, at least on Twitch's part. I don't have any problem with people using their sex appeal to earn money, but I also don't see any issue with a company like Twitch not wanting to have to navigate the waters bordering on the adult entertainment industry. There are a lot of laws and regulations around that stuff.

I also don't see any hypocrisy in respecting the rules of a business but also wanting to maintain freedom of expression in public places or their own homes.

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I've been playing a lot of Destiny, actually, but besides that I've put some time into the latest Crusader Kings II expansion. I've also put a fair amount of time into the latest alpha of RimWorld, which is totally awesome. The last couple of builds have added a lot of neat features. It's really shaping up.