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I have never paid for cable myself, and I only had it for two years of my childhood. I just can't deal with how clunky and slow cable set-top boxes are.

I supposedly have a 100 mbps connection from Charter, but it's a little shaky. I'm in a fairly big apartment building, so my actual bandwidth depends on how many other people in the building are using their internet. I'm hoping things are a little smoother when I move into a new place in May. When it works, though, having that kind of bandwidth is really nice.

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I'm not sure what all the hubbub is about. That sounds like an acceptable compromise to squeeze in some extra RAM to me.

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Aw, dang, there go the ol' water works. I'll miss you on the site, but I'll be interested to see where you've ended up.

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I called my step-parents by their first names, but I'd never call my parents by their first names. I feel like that would detract from the whole parent-child bond sort of thing. It would be like I was talking to a roommate, which is a very different relationship.

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Bayonetta 2 while I'm home. I think I'll pick up Persona Q for while I'm traveling.

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In any game that lets you respec (refund your skill points and reallocate them), I tend to just choose whatever skills or talents sound vaguely interesting, and then after a few hours respec more specifically into whatever parts of that initial grab bag were working best or were the most fun.

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I still find it odd to think of any of the Great Plains states as being part of the Midwest, but then I grew up in Oklahoma which is neither midwestern nor truly southern.

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I think the key factor here is that you're talking about the impressive aspects of the campaign, but the staff were mostly interested in the multiplayer back then, at least as far as I can tell, hence the love for games like Quake.

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@brodehouse: I guess I see this as Twitch trying to encourage people not to flirt with that line, but I see what you mean. People will push against whatever limits you set for them.

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Aw yeah! Time to bust out the HOTAS!