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I'll be watching duder =D

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Pikesville, MD, USA

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R.I.P. Ryan, you will be sorely missed. T_T

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I'm having trouble getting that BF4 video to play and the new Metro trailer that was put up. I click play and nothing happens, it just sits there looking stupid. I'm using Google Chrome and I have tried to switch video settings, turned off AdBlock, uninstalled it, reinstalled it. Nothing works. Now if I switch to Internet Explorer *shudder* it works fine.

What gives guys? =(

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@mrpibb said:

hey guys

It took awhile, but we found out one of the devs can reproduce this issue at home so we're looking into it. Hopefully it's font related so we can fix it quickly.

Great! I look forward to looking at GB without my puter hard locking for 30 seconds =)

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I am also encountering this issue both on my 4 year old laptop and brand new PC I just built in September. Both are running up to date Windows 7 64 bit home and Google Chrome. I'm assuming @kyotsu and @kaj235 that your computers don't unfreeze and you have to reboot? If so how long have you tried waiting? My i3 laptop takes about 45 seconds to unfreeze then everything works fine while my i5 PC takes about 20-23 seconds to unfreeze. It's weird because after it's had it's "morning freeze" I don't have any issues for the rest of the day.

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I had no idea how bad this was going to be. Funny thing is I really enjoy playing it! It's just getting to the part to play it that makes all the rage happen. =(

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Oh man, the blood is flowing to my loins!

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I have an EVGA 660ti SuperClocked+, maybe I should buy another one?