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I'm... to put it mildly, not very good at pinball... and with this huge number of tables I have no idea which ones are nice and easy to practice and get better on... Any suggestions?

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I would love to see Jeff make an appearance in the VGCW now, there has to be a model for him floating around somewhere... If Game Grumps can be in it, then someone needs to represent Giant Bomb! :P

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@Poki3 said:

OK, Whoever names things at Nintendo needs to get fired RIGHT NOW. This has gone on long enough :/

I would assume the name Warawara Plaza comes from the Japanese word 笑う(warau) which means "to laugh" and the Japanese internet expression for it which is ww or 笑笑(warawara).

Although that kind of explains why they called it that...... It's still a dumbass name.

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This is pretty shocking. Basically not only did the project leader steal $20,000 of Kickstarter funds and then fire most of the development team, the developers also seem to have stolen assets from several other projects. Just seems shady as fuck. Former employees and many reporters are backing this up. Pretty amazing that this has slipped by with not much mention.

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You've convinced me. I'll give it a try.

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On being named the 12th biggest celebrity in the gaming business, outclassing the Bioware Doctors, Reggie Fils-Aime, Peter Molyneux and...... Kevin Butler. Weird that they'd name Jeff when what he's a "celebrity" for now dates back almost five years.

On the other hand, the website he helped create is still pretty fuckin' good.

Link here

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@blacklab said:

Wow, people in Japan get jacked by Sony.

People in Japan get jacked by everyone when they buy games and other entertainment. For some reason the price is just vastly inflated over there...

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This is a pretty good product, free, instant, no registration required. I played a bit of the Witcher 2 demo and i saw no hiccups (in particular no lag) besides a little bit of visual artifacting... Most of the servers for other games are overloaded right now so it's hard to try. The other limitation (which is not immediately apparent) is that it is JUST demos. There are Buy This buttons on the games but they link straight to Origin for the EA games... Not possible to buy them and play the full game on Gaikai. Overall though, i'm impressed

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Great series of blogs, someone hire this guy! Great objective handling of the whole situation, look forward to reading more articles from you :)

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Dude that's sweet! I'd totally spend my coppers/planets/whatever on that if you publish it on Maniaplanet.