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I should have really been mentioning this a lot more. If I was more active.

Anyway I think its pretty nice. Easily Petroglyph's best game yet, it could do with better map variety and there are currently some balance issues; The Alpha unit for the humans is particularly weak while the hand of ruk's range is rather silly.

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First Contact is a solid TNG movie if you ever manage to finish the series.

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I strongly dislike anyone that chooses the RTS genre.

Probably Tower defense because I think its a tired genre that needs a break.

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Ok. This was easily my favourite game of 2014 but it does have a number of pretty big issues but the ones you've mentioned I either didn't notice or didn't bother me at all.

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Why stop now?

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Its a rushed unnumbered game in a series with dull combat. I'll stick with Destiny until Advance Warfare comes out. I guess it's a bad year for first person shooters so far.

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So far this has worked out decently despite how clunky bungie have made it.

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I'm nearly ready for the raid but I'd definitely like to take on the weekly strike if anyone else in europe is up for that?

Or anyone really as long as it isn't too late in the day on GMT.

PSN: Scroll_lock

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Found a pretty appropriate emblem called the bomb squad. Just about done soloing the story stuff and I'm eager to do any and all multiplayer activities.

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