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#1 Posted by Scrud (30 posts) -

I know it was just bad luck. Just thought it was funny that my first spawn in 1.0 was instant death.

#2 Edited by Scrud (30 posts) -

Just downloaded the retail release of Minecraft and made a new world. After the world loads I fall and burn to death in lava.

When I respawn I look down and see this:

I had fallen through the tree straight into the pit of lava I spawned over.

Really Minecraft, that's how it's going to be?

#3 Posted by Scrud (30 posts) -

I really need to play Skyrim before they patch it. All of the bugs I've heard about sound like they make the game more fun.

#4 Posted by Scrud (30 posts) -

I have never finished a GTA game, yet I going to buy this on day one and loose interest in it a few months later.

#5 Posted by Scrud (30 posts) -

I got most of the way through creating a character then was disconnected. Since then I haven't even gotten past choosing hero or villain before I'm disconnected again.

Maybe I'll try tomorrow.

#6 Posted by Scrud (30 posts) -

Ryan and Vinny need to do a quick look for this. The Wii Wipeout quick look was hilarious, this would be even better.

#7 Posted by Scrud (30 posts) -

I'm glad the nintendo downloads will live on, but its just not the same without the other guys commenting on the games.

#8 Posted by Scrud (30 posts) -

Great job, very funny.

#9 Posted by Scrud (30 posts) -

Shouldn't they be a 3v3 team? Otherwise it's just BatmanBatman...

#10 Posted by Scrud (30 posts) -

As an altaholic I can't wait to start leveling a Goblin (and eventually a Worgan).

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