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It's stuff like this that makes me forget all the bad and remember why the internet needs to exist! Good job, duder! That was fantastic.

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I've been holding off on buying MLB 14 until the PS4 version is released but I've been wondering if the new player regression system they implemented last year in the franchise mode is still present and still as jarring. I know some people would argue it's more realistic but for me it just made anyone near the age of 35 (including some of my favourite players) untouchable. Anyone that could shed some light on the topic would be appreciated. Thanks.

#3 Posted by ScruffMoney (41 posts) - is the best sports streaming service, period. If they are as good at making video games as they are streams Sony might have some competition. That said, they will have a big task a head of them to come close to The Show.

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It's a Bethesda game, you can't get rid of the glitches! Even the glitches have glitches! I know there was more than one occasion when I'd be attacked by an invincible bandit. Neither I nor a dragon could do any damage to the guy.

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Trailer looks interesting, but it not enough to get me drooling over it. Is now a good time to admit I never played San Andreas?

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I still want an Infamous 3 but I don't know how they'll get around the two endings. I imagine they'll make the good ending canon, turf the other one and say Cole somehow survived.

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I haven't played through it with evil karma yet (curiosity got the better of me so I read what it was) but the good ending kind of bugged me. The last minute twist where Kuo is suddenly evil seemed really tacked on and unnecessary. But looking at the bright side, it's still a better ending than Infamous had and I'm sure that lightning bolt at the end is meant to tease that Cole somehow survived.

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I guess it's good that you mentioned it but, no Another Winter (from Scott Pilgrim)!? What the hell, Giant Bomb, why do you hate good music?

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@Snipzor: you shouldn't mix alcohol, you're gonna have a killer hangover tomorrow  
@Tricks73r: I actually did know about that. The Gulf coast is going to be a dead zone when all is said and one. Be it the methane bubbles, the "oil rain" or whatever unreal amount of chemicals is present in the oil.  
@JSUMAN:  That's a great saying! I actually make a point not to watch the 24 hour news channels. I actually found out about this on a podcast I listen to, in the morning. But that doesn't make it alright. I mean most people do get their news from these channels, all they know is this bogus propaganda.  
@SoylentGreen:  PR Companies run the news industry. It's a little naive to think that the massive way news in the game's press is controlled by PR companies is the only industry in which this happens.  
@squirtle_squad:  AH! how did you know!? It was a secret!   
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I don't know if any of you care about politics, or freedom of speech, or net neutrality or anything other than video games really. Or if you watch CNN (which, if you do, I'm really sorry about that). But a short while ago someone by the name of Shirley Sherrod was fired due to a fuck up of truly epic proportions. Proportions so epic that not even the great, mindbending, mouth watering, boner giving epicness of Scott Pilgrim can't come close to. What happened? Well, a journalist, Andrew Breitbart posted a video on his blog of an editted speech Ms. Sherrod was giving to a NAACP crowd. While the speech was a message of being tolerant towards people of other races and that one must do their job "colour blind" if you will, Mr. "douche bag" Breitbart edited in a way to make her appear racist. The result? Several news outlets (Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and others) grabbed this story and ran with it, waving it over their head like a nerd who'd just lost his virginity running naked down the street holding the unfortunate girl's panties over his head. All of this press controversy caused the Obama Administration to move swiftly in firing Ms. Sherrod. BUT WAIT! Then someone found the real video and realized the tremendous fuck up that had just occurred. So what happened? Well, while Fox News admitted their mistake several others felt the need to point the finger. 
 CNN (the subject of this blog) however decided to take the low road and point the finger at the TRUE culprit of this monstrosity... anonymous bloggers???? Yes, CNN anchors Krya Phillips and John Roberts discussed in length (five minutes worth of length) about how people's ANONYMITY was the mischievous factor that caused this misdirected, erroneous shit storm to come down on this poor woman like Gabe Newell on a doughnut (that poor doughnut never saw it coming). But lets take a look at the facts CNN shall we? It was in fact NOT an anonymous blogger who caused this shit storm. It was a "failed" journalist on his own personal blog, where he clearly identified himself, that caused the shit storm of all shit storms. In fact, YOU CNN had a bigger part to play in this than any anonymous blogger did. In fact, I challenge you to find ONE example of a major controversy caused by something written or reported on by an anonymous blogger.  
The problem with this situation is certainly not that bloggers can write what they want on the internet without the threat of being prosecuted thanks to the vale of anonymity. The problem here is that YOU failed to fact check your story, YOU caused this woman to be fired, and now YOU are pointing the blame on someone else, CNN. And how dare you have the bullocks to suggest that there should be a "gatekeeper" to the internet. How can you in all good conscience claim to be the bastion of free speech that you wish you were while you are suggesting that that right be taken away, and that people have to meet some arbitrary governmental or corporate official to be able to say what they want. The internet is a great tool, it is giving a voice to people who have none. Radio lost it's ability to do this when everything became regulated and governed, television never gave it to you at all, and now YOU, CNN are claiming to take away one of the few remaining ways that a person can get their message, their opinion out there, away from people? Shake yourself, CNN! You are a bunch of hypocrites and I do not know how you sleep at night, particularly these two anchors. 
In all likely hood this was a paid segment by some company (almost 6 minutes without commercial? ya right) and you probably don't believe what you're reading but that doesn't make it okay. CNN is a joke of a news organization. They don't consist of journalists anymore. They are the extended mouth piece of whatever PR company is paying for a chance to control the stream. And to claim that YOU came to the rescue of this woman, that YOU somehow saved this woman's reputation is preposterous. I'm sick of you CNN, I'm sick of the corruption that you and your fellow media mouth pieces spew from your corporate propaganda holes. If you want to see a video here's a link. But you're right CNN, something has to be done, about you! I know you feel threatened by the blog-o-sphere and are a little against it, I would too if something was driving me out of a job. I know this was a stream of thought blog but I saw this video and my blood boiled. F#@k you, CNN. F#@K you and whatever corporate or governmental entity paid you for this bullshit segment. The audacity to suggest that you defy the right of free speech because someone's feelings might get hurt is unbelievable. But to be fair, do blogs say factually incorrect things? Yes, I've probably said some here. But how is that any worse that what YOU and the rest of the incompetent media say? The only difference is that I don't get paid to do research, I don't have a team of editors to make sure I'm correct. My mistakes are acceptable, yours are not. What do you think of this, readers? Do you think there should be a "gatekeeper" to the internet? I probably won't agree with you but I'd love to hear your opinions.  
P.S. So as to not be a hypocrite, my name is Keith Weagle and I'm a pissed off blogger. 
Edit: Broke it up a little bit, not editing it too much. It was a stream of consciousness blog, if you have a problem with the grammar don't read it.

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