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When I saw the title of the post on my RSS feed I thought it was going to be a dumbass video feature... :(

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Fucking hell. I shouldn't have gone on Twitter. Now I'm a teary mess.

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Rest In Peace Ryan... You were an amazing guy...

I am in shock...

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Oh no... Persona 5... Awesome localizations... Niche games for the West... Please remain independent.

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Seriously though, it's still overpriced for what the console offers.

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It's really not a messaging problem. The console is just flawed. There's only so much that Microsoft's PR people can do with it...

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No. I can't afford two subscriptions. Multiplatform games will also probably be better on the PS4 technically with less annoying restrictions. So what would I ever use the Xbox One for?

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Sony already does Steam like sales (and free games) for PS+ members anyway. They also do digital distribution of games. All without bolting on annoying restrictions and pages of rules.

"Everyone and their mother complains about how gamestop fucks them on their trade ins, getting 5$ for their used games." Which is why on PS4, Wii U and current-gen systems you can sell your games on eBay or some other avenue for a better deal. Xbox One only allows approved retailers.

This isn't a messaging problem. There are just no consumer benefits to message. You don't need to be always online or block used games to do digital distribution or provide sales as Sony and Nintendo have proven.

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For PC 100%

For PS4 only the small digital only games, because retail games will probably kill my usage limits.