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I was wandering through Youtube and stumbled across this really great They Live/ Mortal Kombat video.

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I was wandering through Youtube and stumbled across this really great They Live/ Mortal Kombat video.

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I think it would be good to know the resolution of the display you will be gaming on (assuming you already own the monitor).

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One major redeeming value of the 80's are fantastic Sci-Fi movies. There is a certain feel/texture of a great 80's Sci-Fi flick that just can't seem to be recreated. We are talking about a stretch of time that gave us Alien, Robocop, Predator, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Empire, Blade Runner.... The list goes on and on.

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I am also an ardent Chrome user. Chrome I believe auto updates Flash. Thank you though.

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I thought I might tap into the collective GB knowledge to try and help with a problem I've been having. Over the last couple of months I've been experiencing issues with any flash based player. First anytime I play a video in full screen, regardless of quality, I get extremely choppy playback. Also I've been getting choppiness even out of full screen in some instances. This is happening even when I let the video fully buffer/load before starting. This hasn't always been the case. In the past I could play up to 480p, in the case of Youtube, smoothly. I am running quite an old PC but as I said I haven't always had a problem. Any help or advice you can give is greatly appreciated. This is driving me batty.

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@louiedog said:
" It's still going. It's easy to find games. Hell, Blacklighht Tango Down is a multiplayer focused shooter that came out a few months ago and when I checked earlier this month there were still quite a few people playing.   The only problem with MNC is that there seems to be a huge disparity between people who understand the classes and how to play and those who don't. I feel like I always end up on a team where either only one other person understands how to play and we get dominated or the other team is full of people who don't understand the game and we dominate them. It's not even a function of how much you've played. I see people at level 80 who won't build or touch the annihilator, but there are people at level 10 who do fine. I definitely say give the game a try, and don't hesitate to buy if you like it. It seems like the team is committed to supporting it and the community is going strong. Yesterday, Major Nelson released the XBLA sales list for last week and the game is still high on the list, so I wouldn't worry about people leaving too soon. "
     Unfortunately I find this to be the case many times. However I find this game has one of the best communities and maturity levels of players I have come across in quite a while. I probably have 15 to 20 people on my friends list that I have meet just through this game. It's very easy for me to round up a full group of six to laugh and joke as we wade into combat. Like mentioned before, matches are still found quickly. I will warn you that the matchmaking is still very buggy. Lots of dropped games if host quits and teams being split up. I think it speaks to how much I still enjoy the game that I look past many of it's problems. Fingers crossed though to address the glaring technical issues.
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@Nes: Awsome, thank you.
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 I'm curious if anyone has stumbled across a numerical breakdown of the effects different medal levels have on sponsor bonus amounts? Ive heard someone online tell me they've seen one. I, however, have scoured the internets with no luck.

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@EpicSteve: Have the day off today, so I'm up for a little MNC.