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I've always been interested in sim warfare, but never solo. Since the first Rainbow 6 when LAN parties were a thing it's just lost it's flare.

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great coverage so far, was so happy to see extra bombcasts!

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that is awesome

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Wow, I've not been excited for a NFS game in a while.

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Well, it's definitely Halo. Still getting used to controls, but otherwise it's a higher resolution which may actually make me feel slower (as a Spartan). I think I actually prefer playing as an Elite which I think will be great for FFA to have a decent mix. giving the two races actual benefits over one another was a great touch.

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The Good:  

  • Single Player - fun story that moves along at an exciting pace
  • Co-op - Great with a friend, whole new story to go through, not just mashed into single player
  • Gameplay mechanics of the mark and execute allow you to feel badass that you just pulled off a room clear with one move. Something not found in many games.

The Bad: 
  • Fisher is the elite of elite, yet Archer and Kessel feel identical in co-op. If I have to put something, this would be it.
The Ugly 
  • Ubisoft U-Play
Been piddling my away at this game since release day trying to S-Rank it. It's a great game for those of us with an hour or so to play on weekdays. I get home, take care of the chores and am able to pop into some Deniable Ops mode and select a map I need to beat on Realistic for the achievement, and about an hour later I should have it. Being engaged and nagged to spend some quality time every night, this has allowed me to get my fix. 
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So I have begun to blog due to this crazy site quests! So addicting!

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trying to fast forward.... uhg

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I'll be starting tonight: 
PSN: Scudmuffin  
Faction: Raven
Class: Assault Medic 
Mic: Yes 
GTM: -5 
Will accept any friend invites too :) I need friends! 

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Has anyone started the Fleet yet?

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