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Blizzard didn't make a hit game, they made something far bigger.. 1

Its argued the World of Warcraft is the greatest MMORPG ever, it has over 10 million players and is widely regarded out side of gaming too. No MMORPG has ever been able to reach the popularity of the iconic game. WoW starts you as a upcoming Human or Dwarf or Orc or which ever race and class you choose. You start of questing like other MMO's to gain experience and new items but quickly gain new this to do. These include instances (dungeons), PvP battlegrounds, group quests and other things you w...

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Ice and Guns DO mix 0

In the distant future a war is fought over the last remaining land untouched by a horrible Ice Age. The last few nations bound together and formed the EU - European Union and the PAC - Pan Asian Coalition. They rage wars across cities, countries even continents, and lucky you... because you get to be one of the Soldiers fighting in this gruesome war.As the latest PC installment to the Battlefield series, Battlefield 2142 brings many of the old, lovable things about Battlefield we have seen in th...

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