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this game looks insane haha

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I really don't like what kinect has to offer so far. I was expecting there to be good games announced this year but there was nothing at all and everything they showed looked like shit and no fun. I was kinda thinking star wars might be fun and it doesn't look good at all. I'm probably gonna buy it anyways though cause star wars is fucking awesome and it's the only decent ish game coming out for kinect

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I really doubt they will ever go back to making a boba fett game. They have milked the star wars franchise way to much with video games and Prey 2 is going to be so much more amazing with a completely new world and new everything. It can be so much better then any boba fett game

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that episode was the mid-series finale and i believe their still going to be finishing the rest of the season, but this season so far really has been disappointing and I hope that they get their act together and write some really funny shit. I really don't think they will ever stop south park because all they do is make fun of current events and so there will always be things to make fun of 

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yeah that was one thing that was bumming me out about it..
even though they have delayed it for so long the graphics still look really bad

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what do people think about alpha protocol? 
i honestly hope that it ends up turning out to be a lot like mass effect with an amazing story but after seeing a lot of the trailers I'm a little worried that it might not be that great.

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i really hope commander shephard gets a good actorr and then ill watch this movie
im gonna see it at midnight!

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this looks so awesome