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I just picked up the game today! My friend code is 3282 3847 3683 and the name is Stinky M. Looking forward to playing!

@superwristbands: @lcawkell: @xenopst: @rentfn: @dragon4234: @darkstar614: @keystone_yinzer: @moltenboron: @neokef: @aphonic: @sayishere: @giantlizardking: @rotten: @nonforma: @kappamerc: @kopake: @meanbeans: @squeeiswin: @owls987: @f_mans

I added all you guys, hopefully some of you still have room!

My wife also is picking it up: her friend code is 5000 2275 6200, named Cadmia. Send me a message if you friend her. She doesn't want me to fill up her friend list with random placeholders... (shrugs)

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Ryan Davis, Dude.

His drink of choice was bourbon.

His tattoo said "Mom".

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@Ett: Can they persuade them to do a RTS Shining Force game? *drools*

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I apologize if this has been stated already, I used the search function but didn't see any posts about it.
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"yeah the assassin secondary gun is really weak.." (kills guy with it)

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I've found that hanging back and destroying their turrets is nice while pushing into their base. The ice trap is nice while closer to their base to contain bots coming out and controlling areas that opponents are trying to come out of.

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I just posted a bunch of welcoming messages to their walls and followed them. I'm having more trouble finding a forum post by a new member that hasn't been locked because of obvious quest cheating.

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@scubasteve2010:  scyllz / meester scyllz / assault, support, assassin
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thanks for making these graphs, they're interesting which math never should be.

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Jeff's titty honks the car horn.
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