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I want so much to love this game.. 0

But on the PC version there are too many bugs. I guess this is my fault for buying the port version on a platform that is known for piracy and incompatibility issues. But heck it was a coupon for their online store that made it $20.  Even after that, however, I warn you to stay away from the PC version. It doesn't save your preferences on load-outs or the settings you like on servers you play on. Even the quick play function doesn't work.  When you do get into the game, there is moments of lag a...

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Best South Park Game EVER 0

Not that is saying much. But I have to say, if you enjoy tower defense games and have a couple of friends that have disposable space bucks, this game isn't a bad purchase.  It seems best to have one person make walls and the other work on towers (making sure that you're not closing up the path by accident). Players three and four can focus on blasting the creeps flowing toward South Park.   While fighting, I recommend you look at the scrap book and see what towers the various enemies are weak ag...

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Worth a rent, wouldn't recommend buying it. 0

Anything I would write here would pretty much be a copy of everything you've read about this game already. I will instead just share a few  misses this game makes.  The humor is great and I would say the story is amazing but at a crucial plot twist point, characters act vastly different just in order to progress to the next act. This took me out of the story a bit and soured the experience. The ending is a bit of a let down as well. Several hints of a back story for the main character are laid o...

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