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I fucking love mine. It's by far the platform I play the most games on. But if you don't like it, sell it on craigslist.

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I would agree with everyone and say wait for E3, but I feel like I have to mention that the Xbox One is larger, more expensive, comes with a peripheral that most people seem to dislike, and is numerically less powerful.

But you should be swayed by the games offered rather than something an asshole on the internet thinks.

This is fair. There is an element of consumer advocacy/protection that comes into play with the Xbox one. It is objectively a questionable investment unless you fall into a very specific demographic. And this narrative that it "has more games" is... Well, take a look at this:

That's a list of releases per month between both systems. It's... Eye opening. The Sony platform clearly looks like it's aiming to be a highly curated Steam, with the best multiplats and more first party studios. That's an interesting list.

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@syed117 said:

Base your decision on the games, not the platform.

Why is it so awful to critically think about what platform you're purchasing? Since when did debating a piece of hardware make somebody a fanboy?

I bought both at launch.

Seems like you have some money to burn.

In terms of exclusives, it's not even a competition at this point. I have ZERO doubt that the PS4 will have incredible games, but it's just not there yet. Killzone and Infamous are both average at best. They look incredible but they are shockingly average. PS Plus is obviously worth it overall, but there have been very few exceptional games for the PS4 that have been free.

All subjective.

Of all the games to come out so far, Infamous is by far the most disappointing. Maybe Forza, but I haven't regretted paying $60 for a game in a long time. Terrible writing and dialogue, mediocre story, and gameplay that couldn't be more last gen. I'm enjoying it for what it is, but compared to other open world games, it's average at best. Just keep moving from area to area, do the same 6-7 things, district showdown, and repeat over and over. I don't think I've ever played an open world game that is this repetitive.

I met a friend this weekend and I thought I would share our conversation. He's a die hard Sony fan. Like the basement dwellers on neogaf that don't actually care about games, just which machine has sold more units.

Just because a lot of Neogaf posters are negative about the Xbox doesn't mean they don't care about games.

I asked him what he had been playing since launch. He said Killzone. This is a guy who has never played any of the previous games in the series. He's the kind of die hard fan that convinces himself that mediocre franchises are amazing simply because they are on a Sony platform. He loves shooters and denies titanfall's existence because it's on the XB1. His response? "Titanfall 2 will be on PS4". When I said he could be playing a fantastic new shooter that a lot of our other friends are all enjoying, he has no response. The very idea of buying an XB1 is insanity.

Recently he said he loved Infamous for PS4. When asked how he liked it compared to the first two? He said he never played them.

Just don't be one of those guys. Play the games, not the platforms.

It seems like you're angry at your "friend" for playing Killzone and Infamous. He's playing games - just not on the platform you want him to.

Responses in bold.

I really hate this defense of the Xbox one. "Hey man, it's all about the games. Don't be a guy who debates the platform."

No it's not. If these platforms were identical in every way except for branding, then yeah, it really would be senseless to debate them. But they aren't. We have radically different platforms, at different price points with different specs. Since when is it illegal to not like the garbage Microsoft put to market, even if decent games might come to the platform? Titanfall looks like a fun multiplayer shooter. The Xbox one is a poor offering from Microsoft. The two realities can coexist.

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There are no new changes to items and no new enemies as far as I remember. It just a bump in enemies HP and defenses/attack I think. I breezed through it though. I am at NG+7 right now. And I don't think anything has really changed other than stats since NG+.

Holy shit man.

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@sdharrison: I couldn't agree more. A much more diversified and flourishing industry indeed. An industry, by the way, no longer bound and defined by it's graphical prowess.

This is one of the tacit defenses of the Xbox One that bothers me the most. They make an underpowered system, and then I'm supposed to move the goalposts back to accommodate one companies product? It doesn't work that way, and it isn't an "either or" proposition. As a consumer I want clever smaller titles, but also blown out AAA boundary pushing madness. A console exists as a simpler and cheaper PC alternative to let you dip into all kinds of games. They focused on peripherals and television functionality.

We didn't just all sign on to the narrative that graphics don't matter anymore. Everything matters

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If you own a vita, then a PS4 and PS+ is such an obvious choice it practically beats you over the head. The value is huge. Or don't, whatever.

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I thought Skyrim would be a deep RPG.

I thought Rockstar would handle GTA Online decently.

I thought more MMOs would have iterated on Ultima Online's forumula by now.

I thought I'd be able to go inside more buildings in open world games.

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"Double down on TV" is not a good idea. At this stage who knows if we can even record let alone bother. If all produced programs are available to stream at any time after release off the Internet, do you need a DVR? That leave sports as the last refuge of TV which is fine but as the tech moves on it becomes the same issue: Why do you need to record the game if the game is going to be available to watch for years with just a search and a click?

The TV as a device that sits in a living room that displays stuff is not going away. The TV as a thing you watch stuff from channels might be going away. Making a game console that uses that as a major feature maybe pretty foolish. I certainly wouldn't make it a requirement that you have to plug in HDMI to do it since a lot of programming is no longer coming from that interface.

Forget "double down on TV" Microsoft. Can we get Netflix and Amazon Prime unencumbered first?

I don't disagree - it comes down to the central premise that the Xbox One is deeply, deeply flawed from a fundamental design standpoint. There's no talking that can change that. The only things that Microsoft has to leverage are the Fitness app, and being a weird frankenstein cable box. Even that remains just a glorified guide skin that still requires an ACTUAL cable box and still doesn't even have the ability to port the DVR function through. The bummer for me as a gamer is I feel like the Xbox initiative is going to really start hamstringing design and marketing choices developers will have to make going forward.

My question to Spencer would be: "So you went to battle with Sony and scraped together a respectable US marketshare by taking losses and and forcing your foot in the door. You got a seat at the table. Is this what your grand master plan was? This is all we get?"

From my seat, the Wii U does more interesting things that effect my life. Having a PS4 and Vita has allowed me more freedom in how/where I play games. Those are both fresh, new experiences. The XBox One came empty handed, but still wants to ransom games behind an expensive, poorly conceived system. The sad thing is, they have the funding and apparent desire to continue making it happen at the expense of the industry.

Does anyone in their right mind really think this console is remotely futureproof? This will NOT be around 6 years.

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@sdharrison: would you have said the same thing about the ps3 7 years ago? (high priced, underpowered, deeply flawed product)

Cause to me, and most people I would say, those words could have been used to describe the console and yet, for the last 2 years, I would have recommended a PS3 over an Xbox 360. And I prefer MS to Sony overall...

I had another response written out, but in retrospect I think this is the more relevant point:

Sonys ability over the previous decade to recover from a rocky console launch is not an excuse or justification for the the shortcomings of the Xbox One, nor is it a roadmap for recovery.

The landscape of consumer tastes, gaming, technology, and media has changed so radically since that time that you might as well still be talking about SNES and Genesis.

We are in a new and unique market landscape.