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It's a civil rights issue. I support civil rights. I think not supporting them makes you a bad human being.

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@yesiamaduck: But isn't it the case that this guy also just wants to live like he was born? And it his right to not like something as long he does not actually attacks them. And this anti gay organisation is not illegal as far as I know. Also it was 6 years ago when he was not even the CEO. But yeah go ahead and try to destroy someone's life for something he did 6 years ago. I am sure this will totally not backlash and make everyone even more aware of how understanding pro gay activists are. Imagine if he had spend the money for Greenpeace which I would call a a group of terrorists. But if he wants to he can do it as long it is not illegal and against the law.

I think we really need a bit more understanding and respect to people with other opinions regarding these topics.

If your opinion is that homosexuality makes you a second class citizen then you're worthy of scorn. There's actually a lot of arguments that don't have two legitimate sides.

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Lot of hate for Infamous. I just finished a long session with it and had a blast. And Dark Sous II is legendary.

But I agree, Skyrim is garbage with 20/20 vision. I really hope a different studio challenges Bethesda in the open world single player RPG genre.

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It's really a bad deal summoning those guys in. You drop your humanity if you lose and almost every one I've seen has been an aggressively min-maxed PVP build. One of them even 3 shotted my dragon ring with mele somehow. Not fun

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The Storm Zealot: 65 faith, 1 int and lightening everything.

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I've been using the Velstadt suit at around SL 120 with Defenders Greatsword, 5 attunement slots and the chime shield. The Paladin is a really fun class to play - Versatile. And you can gear your miracle setup for PvE or PVP by swapping in force or the one that casts random lightening. You can go toe to toe in mele, or cast. Just so much fun

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In my practical experience dating through the 20s and observing my friends at various relationship stages:

Broadly, women seem to view men playing videogames as a deep and misguided waste of time. It may be nurture over nature, or regional, but meeting a female who is familiar with and receptive to games, let alone passionate about them, is insanely rare. You're far, FAR more likely to be looked down on for being into it. That's just an honest take from what I see and hear around me. That being said, I don't really care that my girlfriend isn't passionate about Dark Souls II. Just like I don't really enjoy scrapbooking. Sometimes gender roles happen, and you appreciate eachother for how you're different not alike.

But some guys let that create resentment in them, and wear it like a badge of honor. So when a girl comes along that IS into games, it becomes like a hazing ritual to see if she's "for real". Again, that's just what you'll see in real life. Then multiply that by "the internet", add a layer of anonymity and you get a pretty hostile world.

You also get porn stars streaming Starcraft II wearing low cut tops and earning a nice living off of it.

For every girl getting verbally abused in a CoD match, there's another one monetizing her sexuality with ruthless efficiency. Like most things, it's a grey area where the only real takeaway is that kids can be mean when the adults leave the room.

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Love Jim. Favorite game journo personality. His Jimquisition is an exaggerated version of himself cast a propaganda minister. It's funny, biting and fearless. Doesn't surprise me in the least to find that members of the GB forums don't care for him.

And to the actual content of the video:

He's spot on - the freemium model has spready like cancer on mobile marketplaces, and is now beginning to sink deeply into major AAA development. The worst most offensive example I've experienced is NBA2k for next gen. The microtransactions are so baked in that you'd swear you didn't just pay 60 dollars for it. But they know it will sell, and they know a lot of people will buy in. So it's not going to stop or slow.

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I've found summoning most useful for practice runs at a boss. I just help other people 3 or 4 times without any consequence then pop in for my own run. And helping others clear the boss gives you a chance to become human again and get your own posse together. It has unquestionably made the game easier the first run through, but it's also made it less of a backtracking chore.

I think DS2 did some really intelligent and subtle things to reduce the backtracking agony. Bonfire placement, easier summoning, instant fast travel and despawning enemies come together to make the experience more fluid. But ultimately it's all just a difficulty slider that you control.

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The feature set of the XOne isn't something that makes a global product. It's centered around a United States media consumption experience, and it's not that great at that either (no DVR). The European shortcomings are just symptomatic of an inconsistent and misguided product launch. The way people on this forum talk about the XOne, it's as if there is some forgone conclusion that it will succeed and stick around a long long time. It's the same goodwill and benefit of the doubt that the media gave Microsoft in the run up to launch.

The soul of the XOne is getting consumers invested in the paywall ecosystem. That gives Microsoft data and leverage over other content providers. I also keep waiting for an announcement of subsidized contract pricing with cable bundles. Some of that applies to Europe, and some doesn't. But Microsofts bottom line is in the U.S. and that's not a secret. In a vacuum, it would be fine. But PC gaming and the PS4 are aggressively preferable gaming alternatives with larger future upside, and DVR cable boxes provide an unquestionably superior experience for watching anything except live sports.

It's a mediocre product in America, and it's a pointless European and Japanese product. It isn't a big deal, it happens all the time.