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PSN tag is Sdewts, my Social Club ID is Sdoots.

Thanks in advance, I know managing all this has to be a nightmare.

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I'm fucking sobbing right now. This can't be real.

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If I can use the same account between the two platforms, this is a huge selling point for a PS4. I love this game, but I wouldn't ever want to start from scratch.

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After finishing the game about an hour ago, I still think Max is a "good" guy.

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@willyleeks: The kid talked shit to Max about his family getting murdered. Considering that event is the starting point of Max's life going downhill, him gunning the kid down was easy to see coming.

Max was a cop, and a damn good one. Having your life go downhill fast enough to break the sound barrier changes a person, but things like a sense of justice stick around. I just got past the machete scene, so maybe something happens later on, but so far it's clear Max still has feelings, and he means well. Just to give a few examples, his interactions with the IT guy, and the short bit with the graveyard employee.

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@Ravenlight said:

So you got hacked and the first thing you did was post about it on Giant Bomb? If you were on fire, would you also tweet about it first?

You would get retweeted a whole fucking lot, to be fair.

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Jaffe is the hero we deserve.

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Request sent. I'm Sdoots on PC.