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Hardcore Team Deathmatch on Afghan. I did a running jump off the cliff to the plane, got shot in the head by a sniper as I threw a grenade mid-jump, the grenade kills 3 of my teammates.

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Look, just because I stare at the succulent bodies of underage temptresses doesn't make me a bad person. It also has nothing to do with video games. This guy needs to get his ass kicked.

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Sure. I'm still working through the game on normal, but when I'm done I'd be happy to go through it with you. Send me a message on Live. As for one sitting, not sure about that. I can do quite a bit in one sitting, but probably not the whole game.

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Leave your gamertag or PSN ID and let's get some co-op going. My tag is B10H4Z4RD0u5

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Brutal Legend.

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Watch Event Horizon. It's pretty much Dead Space without necromorphs.

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Doesn't really count, but the first release of Oblivion was rated T. My friends still don't understand how I got a T rated copy.

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The pinnacle of my life as a gamer, the moment when I knew this was something I would be doing for the rest of my life, was when I beat Star Fox 64.

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In clan matches it was invaluable. Being able to counter their plans before they even put them in motion was fun as hell and a great tactical advantage.  
Outside of that, it was useless. More often than not the other team would be busy talking about whatever the hell happened at school that day rather than strategizing.
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If this rumor ends up being true, I honestly wouldn't know how to feel. I was one of the people who was satisfied with the MW2 campaign, but I also love Dead Space, so I would be really interested in seeing a few of the head guys on that game work on MW3.