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As a Claw player, anyone who can keep me from getting a momentum going in the air will hand me my ass. I just don't have much ground game.
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As a Claw main, here's a little advice for getting his ultra to work out the best. 
First, the directional input can be done differently than what they last. For this example, you, the claw player, are on the left hand side of the screen. 
Push back/down, charge there, and then sweep the stick along the bottom to the halfway point, then move it back to the starting position, up to the upmost position. So you go charge back/down, to down, and moving the stick back to the start, only continuing the movement past that and to the top. 
When I do it this way, I can get it come out almost every time. It just takes practice to get the movement right under pressure. 
This doesn't fix the fact that Claw is really outmatched against almost every enemy in SF4. Bison can slide-kick you out of your rolling attack, Dhalsim has a ranged attack for pretty much any position you will be at on screen, Ken's shoyruken seems to have priority over almost anything, so even if you backflip away it seems like it will hit half the time, if a Sagat gets you caught in a tiger shot barrage you're pretty fucked because the most reliable way out is an aerial manuever which will ussually get your ass tiger uppercutted, the list goes on. 
My point is, I'm looking forward to this, but I really hope they rebalance things instead of just shovelling in new stuff and leaving it at that.
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Oh dear god, really? I'm an extremely faithful gamecrazy customer. First the one closest to me closed down, forcing me to drive a good 40 minutes out of my way to go the the next closest location, and now they might be closing down? That leaves me with absolutely NO "Triple A" game retailers. It's really too bad to see a store which does everything right get screwed over like this. Gamestop continues to gut new games, put obnoxious stickers everywhere on the game cover art, and it's impossible to remove them without damaging said art, thus resulting in your collection having price tags on it. FANTASTIC. 
A friend of mine got fired there for refusing to sell GTA3 to a kid back when it first came out. 

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It's highly unlikely it will be available as DLC. Look how many times Capcom has rereleased fighting games in the past and you can see they would clearly not think twice about a full priced retail disk.
That being said, I'm just hoping they buff Claw a little. It's hard to do well with him anymore, and that's too bad, considering I mained him in every other SF.