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@Jace: Actually, I'm pretty sure with JK there was just a cheat you could put in through the console, whereas JA needed a mod.

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@Zombienutz: All four of those games are great. Well done, sir.

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Tried to play some Diablo 3 while Max Payne 3 downloads off Steam, but that went about as well as you'd imagine. Think I might play the CoD Black Ops campaign again, I remember that being really enjoyable.

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Well, if Prey 2 ends up not happening, at least I'll have something else with sci-fi bounty hunting to look forward too.

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Jet Set Radio Future.

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@captain_max707 said:

I've bought plenty of games because I felt obligated, but in general I only play what I want to play.

Pretty much this. I try to buy any games that look interesting and worthwhile, but probably won't make any profit. As a result, I own copies of both No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned, Rayman Origins, You Don't Know Jack, and so forth.

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So SK is probably going to go way of 38 Studios, huh?

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"Bulletstorm, but the sales were disappointing and a sequel was canned."

Well, that ruined my day. :C

The general shape of whoever is in chains reminds me of Ice-T's character. Additionally, and it's a really small detail, but the helmet design those dudes have is first seen in Gears 3.

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Doom 3 was a graphical powerhouse then, and while the years haven't been especially kind to it, it still looks pretty damn gorgeous in spots. What I'm interested in seeing is if the base game with Sikkmod (Crazy graphical mod that lets you do things like filter the lighting in a manner emulating the Crytek engine, for example) will manage to look better than an official graphical overhaul.

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Oh man, I've been looking for an excuse to play something other than competitive mode. Feel free to hit me up for anything, really. I'm recovering from surgery so I might drop out early to take a nap and such, but I'd be happy to help while I'm, you know, awake. My tag is Sdoots.