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Request sent. I'm Sdoots on PC.

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@Jace: Actually, I'm pretty sure with JK there was just a cheat you could put in through the console, whereas JA needed a mod.

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@Zombienutz: All four of those games are great. Well done, sir.

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Tried to play some Diablo 3 while Max Payne 3 downloads off Steam, but that went about as well as you'd imagine. Think I might play the CoD Black Ops campaign again, I remember that being really enjoyable.

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Well, if Prey 2 ends up not happening, at least I'll have something else with sci-fi bounty hunting to look forward too.

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Jet Set Radio Future.

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@captain_max707 said:

I've bought plenty of games because I felt obligated, but in general I only play what I want to play.

Pretty much this. I try to buy any games that look interesting and worthwhile, but probably won't make any profit. As a result, I own copies of both No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned, Rayman Origins, You Don't Know Jack, and so forth.

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So SK is probably going to go way of 38 Studios, huh?

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"Bulletstorm, but the sales were disappointing and a sequel was canned."

Well, that ruined my day. :C

The general shape of whoever is in chains reminds me of Ice-T's character. Additionally, and it's a really small detail, but the helmet design those dudes have is first seen in Gears 3.