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Stuff like this is why I still read Game Informer. I've had the pleasure to meet some of them and they are all pretty cool guys over there. No Bomb Squad, of course, but pretty cool.

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Good for the Supergiant team. Hope this is as big of a success as it clearly deserves.

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Our governor had a conference this evening saying the shut down is ending, so it looks like I'll have my job back. Which means I'll be able to get my PC built sooner than expected. This makes me very, very happy. Thanks again for all the replies everybody, I was kind of leaning towards PC to begin with and I needed some confirmation I was doing the right thing. I definitely got that.

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Alright, looks like I'm saving my money for the PC. Thanks for the quick feedback everyone, I really appreciate it.

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Hey guys, 

I got a summer job this year through my state government. Unfortunately, I live in Minnesota, and if you follow the news you may know that our state government has shut down as of about a week ago. I have one paycheck for about 246 dollars, and another coming soon for about 120. If the state gets its shit together before the planned last day of my job, August 19th, I'll get my job back.  I'm trying to decide if I should go ahead and keep saving that money so I can build a new PC, or if it's worth getting a PS3 this late in the game. I already have a 360, and my Steam account has around 59 games on it, but I can only hold about 6 on my hard drive at a time, because I'm running Windows on an older Macbook Pro.
So is it worth it to buy a PS3 at this point, or is saving my money for a nice PC the smarter idea here?

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Around the 400th one it probably starts getting to stuff like "Hey guys, this dude's dead."

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Holy shit, is that a Blood reference I see there?
I really appreciate the fact that they're rewarding teamwork in the achievements. It's nice to get a break from "Get 100 kills with ____" for a change.

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I'm probably biased because I'm your friend, but I thought that was really well done. Keep it up man.

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I'd rather not list anything I haven't actually played yet, so for now, I'll go with Dead Space 2. Regardless, there is a lot of great looking games coming out this year, so who knows if that'll stick on the list.