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One of the secret achievements is supposedly called "Cold Fusion" and is for unlocking Cyber Sub Zero.  I REALLY hope that turns out to be fake. I love Sub-Zero, but we really don't need another ninja/cyborg. Other than that, the only achievement I really have any problem with is Turtle. Rewarding obnoxious behavior seems silly.

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Crackdown 2 had one, I believe.

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 I've played both titles for ridiculous amounts of time, and for me Quake 3 wins easily. I just greatly prefer the gameplay of Quake, and the maps are much more fun and memorable than the ones in UT.
With that said, both games are high on my list of "Fucking great games". 

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I've heard from multiple people that those converters have quite a bit of input lag, and just a general slowness to them. So if anything, you'd probably be at a disadvantage using one. 
Now, if it worked perfectly? I still doubt an advantage would be present. Console shooters tend to have some sort of auto aim that you can't disable (which is annoying as hell), where you'll get a noticeable "stick" on enemies when aiming at them. It's bothersome enough with a controller, but I'd imagine using a more precise method of control would make that "stick" much more annoying.
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I have yet to use it on my PC, but the Turtle Beach x11 headsets work on both 360 and PC, and I'm really happy with my purchase. They are on ear, and they are fairly bulky, but they are really high quality, and have outlasted my friends Triton headset, and he paid double what I did for those. Comfy on your ears for moderately long periods of time, I'd say after about 3 hours you might need to readjust them out of discomfort, but that's a minor problem, and after adjustment you're good to go for another 5 or 6. 
I've had mine for about 6 months now, and they still work as great as they did on day one. The wired pair that I own cost me about 60 bucks.
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Sounds cool. Keeping an eye on this one.

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As a minnesotan, those ads ALMOST made the loss less painful. Almost.

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Hardcore Team Deathmatch on Afghan. I did a running jump off the cliff to the plane, got shot in the head by a sniper as I threw a grenade mid-jump, the grenade kills 3 of my teammates.

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Look, just because I stare at the succulent bodies of underage temptresses doesn't make me a bad person. It also has nothing to do with video games. This guy needs to get his ass kicked.

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Sure. I'm still working through the game on normal, but when I'm done I'd be happy to go through it with you. Send me a message on Live. As for one sitting, not sure about that. I can do quite a bit in one sitting, but probably not the whole game.