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Leave your gamertag or PSN ID and let's get some co-op going. My tag is B10H4Z4RD0u5

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Brutal Legend.

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Watch Event Horizon. It's pretty much Dead Space without necromorphs.

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Doesn't really count, but the first release of Oblivion was rated T. My friends still don't understand how I got a T rated copy.

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The pinnacle of my life as a gamer, the moment when I knew this was something I would be doing for the rest of my life, was when I beat Star Fox 64.

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In clan matches it was invaluable. Being able to counter their plans before they even put them in motion was fun as hell and a great tactical advantage.  
Outside of that, it was useless. More often than not the other team would be busy talking about whatever the hell happened at school that day rather than strategizing.
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If this rumor ends up being true, I honestly wouldn't know how to feel. I was one of the people who was satisfied with the MW2 campaign, but I also love Dead Space, so I would be really interested in seeing a few of the head guys on that game work on MW3.

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The ability to make enemies explode into tires while ragtime music plays.

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I geniunely hope that Rebellion suddenly remembers how to make good games and AvP3 ends up being as awesome as it should be. From what I've seen, they are on the right track. They still need to work on the HUD, the world needs more color (everything I've seen is either green and gray, or brown and black.), and early reports say that the humans feel really bland compared to the other two races, and even against other standard FPS gameplay. Those three things are all pretty concerning, as the HUD in the previous AVP games told you just what you needed to know, with a few extra bells and whistles to make you feel a little more like you are looking through the predator mask or something. The one I've seen from the predator gameplay in AVP3 looks like an absolute clusterfuck. I also couldn't figure out what was happening most of the time because EVERYTHING IS FREAKING LIFELESS. I shouldn't be unable to distinguish rocks, trees, and characters from each other. On the other hand, the targetted jumping seems perfect for making the predator move as precise as he does in the movies, and the weapons at his disposal seem well done. The stealth effects are also spot on.

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I use a silenced MP5 with cold blooded pro, ninja pro, and scavenger pro. I am completely "invisible" with this set-up. The crosshair doesn't even turn red and my name doesn't show up if you aim at me thanks to the pro benefits of cold blooded. It is easily one of my favorite set-ups ever. The mp5 spits out bullets at a fast enough rate while still being fairly accurate that the loss of firepower is negligible, and in very short, controlled bursts, you can pick off targets at assault rifle range. I may not have the biggest gun on the battlefield, but damn if I don't feel like the most powerful soldier in the field regardless.