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@rahf: Ah, I see. Thanks!

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@rahf: Yeah, that's true. I guess what I'm wondering is why they do it. Are they just repeating stuff for the crowd, in case someone listens to the Bombcast but doesn't watch the TNTs, or something? I feel like if I was talking to my friends and they started saying something that they'd already said a week ago, it would feel very strange.

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Is it just me, or do the Bombers have a penchant for covering the same topics over and over again? I swear I've heard Jeff talking about his colorblindness glasses four or five times on previous Bombcasts, TNT, etc... I mean, it's not a big deal, it's just a little surreal.

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Has anyone purchased this game and played deeper into it? I'm really curious what happens past the cave part in the Quick Look, but I'm not sure if I want to buy the game just to find out. Does it become some sort of crazy horror game or just the same sort of photo shoot game with a plot twist?

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Ah, I see. Thanks!

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What's all this about the Ion Blast II? I thought it was really weak. On my first run against the rebel flagship (in a Torus), I had an Ion Blast, some weak laser, and an anti-ship drone, and I believe I was spamming all of these against the flagship. Even though I had taken out all its weapons, it just recharged its shields faster than I could take them down, so I eventually committed suicide (maybe it was strategically using cloak to give itself time to recharge). Am I missing something?

Hmm... I didn't get a lot of weapons that run - I basically had just the ion blast and an anti-ship drone for most of the game - so I usually tried to alternate hitting shields and weapons. Maybe I would have had better results by focusing ion blast on the shields, and hammering systems with something else.

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I've been killed a bunch of times by the stupid mistakes people keep mentioning. Forgetting to route power to O2 is one of the biggest. I wish you could program certain alerts to auto-pause the game and tell you something's wrong. The in-game alerts are pretty good already (i.e. warning you when you have low O2), but sometimes I get caught up boarding the enemy ship and forget that EVERYTHING IS FUCKED on my own. A quick message saying "Your alert to pause when: O2 is online AND O2 has no power has been triggered" would save many lives.

My most depressing death: Make it to the boss with a jacked-up Torus. Maxed shields/engines/cloak, 8 crew with experts manning all stations. I have no problem shrugging off the enemy weaponry. I've been running a boarding-focused build (Ion blast/weak laser/anti-ship drone, maxed teleporter), so I teleport my boarding party into the enemy's gunports. They rapidly kill the gunners and destroy the weapons, and soon the boss is totally disabled, with no way to attack me. Unfortunately, I also have no way to attack it - my laser/ion blast won't make it through the shields. I teleport my boarding party into the main ship, but they're easily overwhelmed, since the enemy can just retreat to the medbay when injured. After a few failed attempts, I see that I'm getting nowhere. I open the airlocks to my ship and my crew die a coward's death.

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@Atepsflame said:

@Majkiboy: Actually, a local official in Sweden pretty much did just that. Said effectively that highly technical simulators are so easily available that learning how to actually operate a train would be trivial. I'd link to the story, but... I'm lazy.

Clearly if she had played more video games, she wouldn't have crashed the train.


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I'm noticing this really tiny strange thing about FTL. In the hangar, if I name a character (say) "Bob Smith," it will call that character "Smith." However, if I name the character "Bob Smitheroon," it will call that character "Bob." It doesn't consistently go with the last name, or the first name, or whichever name's shorter. I'm not sure what the algorithm is, and as a result it's tough to give my characters the full names I want and also give them the display names I want. It's not a huge deal (I can just name them the desired display names, e.g. just "Bob"), but it's a little curious. Does anyone know more about this?