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When I look at The Elder Scrolls Online from a subscription point of view, I don't think there's enough "pizzazz" to warrant a fifteen dollar subscription each month, with also paying a full sixty dollars up front.
I think that whole game would work well under a free-to-play business model, even if i'm not a big fan of it in any game, it's surely better than what they're doing right now.

Locking out an entire race that's pretty deeply embedded in The Elders Scrolls games and making it only exclusive to people who pay for a collector's edition is also really stupid. Also, kinda unfair for having that race locked out for people who are already paying for the game and monthly subscription.

Sounds gross, but I like what EA did with their three tier free-to-play model on The Old Republic. Monthly subscriptions open the entire game to subscribed players. Preferred player access allows for preferred players to reach the max level (I'm not sure how that unlocks, I believe it's after buying an item on their cartel market with real money?). Free-to-play is not that offensive in it either, there's more than enough there to give players something for free, and the level restriction is only up to 50, (55 being the max level in the game).

So i don't know. There's no doubt in my mind that ESO will become free-to-play. I'm sure what they're doing is all intentional in Zenimax's "master plan". Easy, fast money with the initial release, wait six months to observe the situation. Then based on how things are going, roll out a free-to-play model.

I'm just mad over this, because right now, the whole product comes off as a desperate cash grab.

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Good. Was a big fan of the old games and was more than a little disappointed in the new direction they went with it on almost every level. Thief deserved way better.

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About seven hours in. Really love the art style, bit underwhelmed with mostly everything else with it. The story is a little hard to follow and the conversations get confusing at times. I had to restart the beginning at least twice, just to somewhat wrap my head around what's going on.

They could do with some voice acting, take cues from the Persona series and have the static conversation portraits change based on a characters mood. It wouldn't be too hard, all they would have to do is draw a different expression on the faces. It's weird when a tragic event occurs and all i see on screen is this smiling woman who's clearly upset based on what she's saying.

Combat's alright for what it is. It's simple. I like the animation on the figures. Not sure what i was expecting, i didn't play factions.

I REALLY love the art in it, the world too, it's just sadly the only thing keeping me interested. Everything else is a little... Bland. The writing isn't very good, and the characters don't really stand out as interesting.

If time reversed and i was given the choice between buying the game again or buying some physical art of the game. Probably just go with buying some art.

The art is really good.

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The Guild 2

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The Journeyman Project

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The physgun from gmod. That shit can pick up anything!

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@seamuspaxman said:

@sissylion: Skyrim killed my family.

I'd believe it.

I thought Skyrim had a few cool ideas and moments in it, but overall I found it really underwhelming, especially compared to Oblivion. Which isn't a very fair comparison, seeing as how Oblivion was the first game I saw/played of the current generation and blew me away because of how much more advanced it was compared to the PS2 and late 90s PC games I was used to.

I guess if Fallout 4 can somehow manage that same level of "THE FUTURE OF VIDEO GAMES!" I can let it scrape by without being particularly interesting, but man, I really want to earnestly like a Fallout game.

Let's hope! I'm still on board for a next gen (current gen?) Bethesda game. Maybe this time around we can actually drive around in a scrappy, junked up vehicle of some kind.

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Jeff Gerstmann looks the same, but younger.

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