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Darksiders. I like beat em ups like God of War and I like Zelda and this was meant to be the magnificent alliance of the two. I found the game boring clunky and it just never clicked with me. I playe the first level (if even) then never touched it again, bought it in a sale for £5 though so didn't lose out too bad.

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It looks ok. I can see where your coming from OP but I'm hoping it'll work out in the end. I'll hold out hope yet that this will be a good really scary horror game because I have been looking forward to it for a while now.

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Ireland didn't qualify, but I'd like to see Belgium or England do well as both have reasonably talented teams who should do better than they have (especially England). As others have said I'd hope to see someone besides Spain win just for a change of pace from the last couple of years and competitions.

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I was mildly interested in Splinter Cell:Blacklist but was going to put it off then instead I bought it with GTA V last night at the midnight launch just because you got it at like 2/3 price if bought with GTA.

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Probably somewhere between 6-12 months.

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A newspaper in the UK this morning had a small article on it. With someone from the head of some teaching union or something like that condemning the torture scene and arguing it teaches torture methods to children. But it was only a small article. There was also a thing on Fox news yesterday where the guest, a doctor pretty much argued games like GTA 5 cause the poor mental states of people involved in mass shootings.

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I think it was GTA 3 might not be my first memory but certainly what springs to mind first in terms of GTA. Trying to jam the garage door open with one vehicles then jam as many vehicles as possible into that shitty little garage. Then doing it again years later in liberty city stories.

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Well I only got around to playing it last week so I'm going to say yes. Probably my favourite game of the year so far. I was going to go back and play 1999 mode but now GTA is out so that's that put off for a while.

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I think I have around 63 and of those I probably play with around 7 regularly. The rest bar around 15 or so I know them all in real life and occasionally play online with them.

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@starvinggamer: Well it was described as being unable to complete an update and it kept retrying something similar to what is described here on this ebay item I was looking at.

And another thing I'd be using it as new so if I was to format it or restore settings wouldn't that make it work ?

Ok I'm now just looking at the ebay one I linked and I'm curious is there a fix for the red screen of death on PS3 which is apparently linked toto this update loop issue at least in this case.