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Metal Gear Online 2 (MGS4's Online Component).

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Purchased Minecraft a while back, and just started to really get into it. Can I be added to the white-list please?

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 I know giving users the ability to upload videos to Giant Bomb has been brought up before.  I realize why this cannot be a reality and how it could quickly end up costing Giant Bomb a ton of money in bandwidth and storage, as well as filing the site up with a bunch of worthless videos. 
An alternative could be video assignments that are given out (similar to Poptent or other video assignment sites) once a week as Quest for Giant Bomb users.  An asset package could be created with Giant Bomb logos and transitions for users to include in their videos.  The videos would most likely focus on retro games, as the Giant Bomb staff covers most recent games with some type of video content (trailers, QL, or Video Reviews).  The community could have a month to complete each assignment and the best video could be chosen by the Giant Bomb staff and then uploaded to the site and labeled as an officially sanctioned Giant Bomb Community Video.   I'm not thinking of QL type videos, or gameplay with narration.  Users would provide a history and analysis of the game, relevant trivia, it's impact (if any) on its genre, and its critical reception.  The Giant Bomb staff could lay out criteria of important areas to cover for each specific video, or just let users decide on what they feel is important.
Although the videos would more than likely start off a bit rough, it would be a great opportunity to provide users with assignments to improve their video editing and production skills, as well as allowing them to create a valuable contribution to the site.  Because producing videos can take a lot of time and effort these should be rewarded with much more XP than usual Quest.  The Giant Bomb staff could also provide extra incentive for more important quest ( Video Quest based on popular franchises or games that will undoubtedly get a lot of traffic) where they give the winners GB swag or promotional items relevant to the game the video assignment is based on.  If Video Quest became popular, users could start collaborating on them and could form teams based on the specific talents of each user (voice over, motion graphic editors, writers, etc.).
This is something I hope could at least be taken into consideration.  Even if 52 videos a year is too much space and bandwidth for user videos, I would love to see Giant Bomb at least experiment with this idea in the future to see what type of videos the community could produce.  

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Steam/ BC2,/ Xfire is Sean2D2.  But it's Miss Jackson if your nasty.
I've put about 12 hours into multiplayer but don't have regulars to play with.  Add me to the list!

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Does anyone else find it odd that the $20,000 Thermal Vision Binocular's come from a seller called Jack's Country Store?  Maybe they're from the future.  Someone tell them that Amazon sells Uranium!