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@MAST: I believe the hubub is related to your initial post being a bit passive-aggressive and defensive. The thread is about the 360 winning a contest, your post was trying to make an excuse for why the PS3 fell short by throwing out tidbits about the 360's FPSitis. It comes across as a bit of a "self hug", where you're providing nurturing dialogue disgused as a mundane social interaction to benefit your own view. Also the fact that you felt the need to develop this post in multiple forums suggests a minor pathology. I think what you meant to say is "Cool, we'll be getting this map soon as well!" 
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@ZeroCast: Yeah, I live in NY but have yet to go. If you google it you can find some info, I'm sure that  pushing for these historical relics to be properly preserved and showcased would be appealing to the developers. So long as the keep the super mario super show guys from scaring the kids. 
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@ZeroCast: there is a museum in rochester
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I'm going to give my three cents, don't spend it all in one place!! The challenge is... spend it in four....

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With the preponderance of war being one geopolitical entities beliefs laying siege on another, the variable of adding zombies to the mix is at first glance a great equalizer. It is said that "when there is no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth". Thus hell obviously is full to capacity, the Axis powers having taken a decidedly uncouth path to empowerment would be likely candidates for zombification. Zombies have no moral compass, they feed, they shamble and on inspired occaisions they hustle. Therefore their lack of any real national identity would pose an equal threat to both parties, however the US and Allied nations have a thoroughly developed sense of irony and a love of all things undead would have a decidedly unfair advantage. However none of these things matter if you have a rotting corpse chasing you through a swamp, hell-bent on a toothy lobotomy . Zombies have nothing to do with politics, they speak to our baser desires, the desire to control our environment even when it reacts against us. Also their heads explode when you shoot them....  which even a fool can enjoy. 

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Is this.... a game... or movie promotion? I don't... I don't understand!!!!